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Biomaterial-based Immunoengineering - Graphical Abstract

Graphical Abstract

Immune-instructive materials as new tools for immunotherapy

Immune instructive materials are materials with the ability to modulate or mimic the function of immune cells, provide exciting opportunities for developing new therapies in many areas including medical devices, chronic inflammation, cancer, and autoimmune diseases. In this review we highlight some of the latest research involving material-based strategies for modulating macrophage phenotype and dendritic cell function, as well as a brief description on biomaterial use in T cell and natural killer cell engineering. We highlight studies on material topography, size, shape and surface chemistry to reduce inflammation, along with scaffold and hydrogel delivery systems that are used for modulating DC phenotype and influencing T cell polarization. Artificial antigen presenting cells are also reviewed as a promising approach to cancer immunotherapy.

The full article can be in the journal Current Opinion in Biotechnology.

Immune-instructive materials as new tools for immunotherapy
Leanne E Fisher, Lisa Kämmerling, Morgan R Alexander, Amir M Ghaemmaghami
Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 74, 194-203

Posted on Tuesday 15th February 2022

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