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Karina de Almeida Lins awarded best research talk award

Karina DTP award

Karina Lins receiving her award.

Karina Lins, an MRC IMPACT/AIM DTP student currently working on neonatal medical devices, was recently awarded best research talk at the programme's annual symposium for her talk titled "Improving survival in premature infants: development of feeding tubes with a biofilm resistant coating". The event included participations from the the three partner institutions: University of Nottingham, University of Birmingham and University of Leicester.

Karina's project, supervised by Morgan Alexander, Paul Williams, Don Sharkey and Derek Irvine, aslo won a runner-up prize at the 2023 BDI research symposium. Her work aims to prevent device-associated infections that cause mortality and long-term disabilities in infants by develping non-bactericidal, anti-biofilm polymers as coatings for devices used in neonatal intensive care.  The coated devices produced with this method have reduced the biofilm formation of clinically-relevant bacterial species by ten-fold in vitro, and are soon to be tested in vivo.

Posted on Tuesday 13th February 2024

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