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ICBS Research

Themes of research within the group include:

  • Development of high/very high gravity fermentations
  • Future fermentables and processing of adjunct materials
  • Beer sensory quality and flavour stability
  • Yeast stress and fermentation performance
  • Improving the sensory quality of non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers
  • Beer dispense hygiene and quality


Brewing Science Home

The University’s Briggs-built 40 L experimental brewline at Sutton Bonington campus.
  • Cross-flow membrane beer filterability and blocking factors
  • Increased malting and brewing process efficiency through reduction of energy and water inputs

Key aims and expertise

The University of Nottingham is a centre of excellence for brewing technologies and research, based within the School of Biosciences. Our scientists work with the brewing industry to meet the challenges of the 21st century; researching novel process developments targeted towards increased sustainability, efficient resource usage and minimising waste or effluents. The approach is truly multi-disciplinary, providing new solutions by bringing together expertise in crop science, malting, brewing, engineering, novel materials and environmental science.

Current projects

  • Impacts of raw materials on beer flavour and flavour stability - COOK
  • Yeast stress and fermentation performance - POWELL
  • Beer dispense hygiene and microbiological quality - QUAIN
  • Rapid detection methods for beer spoilage microorganisms -LAWRENCE
  • Identifying blocking factors in cross-flow membrane beer filtration - WHITE
  • Flavour improvement of low alcohol beers - FORD

Significant results

  • The ‘at scale’ pumped-loop mixing system for fermentation we have been developing is now being trialled by many of the world’s major brewers.
  • The SAFEMalt project has clearly demonstrated the economic (yield) value to farmers of a T3 fungicide treatment for barley.
  • Yeast strains differ with regard to their genetic stability.
  • Our team have pioneered understanding of the quality of bitterness of beers as influenced by bitter compounds in beer and hop aroma.
  • A quality system for appraising draft beer accounts has been developed. Some beers are uniquely stable to infection across different accounts, which we are investigating further.

Brewing Science

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