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Food and drink

Food and drink

Our research encompasses all levels of food and drink production contributing to understanding and controlling quality and safety, starting with raw materials though processing to consumer preference and subsequent effects on the body.

We are internationally renowned for research on the fundamental understanding of food structure, flavour delivery and its perception.

Expertise in food structure focuses on the development of novel materials and processing technologies and the understanding of food material properties including their impact on flavour delivery. This includes understanding the oral processing of food and accessibility of sodium in the mouth to redesign more healthy foods with reduced salt content.

We have in key strengths in food flavour chemistry and flavour perception. Our research in sensory science includes how taste, aroma and texture integrate to ellicit flavour perception. Also, investigating individual variation in perception of flavour – for example, why are some people supertasters.

Our centre of excellence for brewing research is directed at the development of new processes and technologies and yeast biology. This is achieved by applying fundamental scientific knowledge of yeast cell biology and genetic stability, detection and identification of microorganisms associated with the brewing process and development of novel on-line mass spectrometry techniques for monitoring flavour generation during processing and fermentation, to the brewing process.

We have established industry links with large multinationals and small manufacturers in the UK food and drink sector.

Research groups and centres

Food Structure and Biomaterials 

Leading innovation in food formulation and processing through increased understanding of the material properties of ingredients and the microstructure of foods

Food Structure and Biomaterials


Brewing science

Multi-disciplinary centre of excellence for brewing technologies and research. We work with the brewing industry to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Brewing science

Food allergy and protein expression

Research across two strands to further our understanding of what makes an allergen and to help with the prediction of allergenicity of novel proteins.

Food allergy and protein expression

Flavour Research Group

World leading research in areas such as salt and sugar reduction, aroma release and hyperspectral imaging


Food safety

Considering all aspects of food quality and safety, including the adaptation and survival of microorganisms to stresses imposed by the food chain, microflora within food products and microbial enzymes. 

Microbiology and food safety

Sensory science

Our current research focuses on using sensory science and instrumental techniques to understand how we perceive flavour. 

Sensory Science Centre

Alternative proteins

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