Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing
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Research Themes



Advanced Tooling and Fixturing:

  • End Effector Tooling and Processes 
  • Jigs, Fixtures and Work Cells
  • Gripper Technology 
  • Modular Reconfigurable and Adaptive Jigs
  • Joining Technologies (Drilling, Sealing, Fastening) 
  • Rapid Tooling Manufacture
  • Parts Handling 
  • Handling Large and Flexible Components
  • Smart Fixtures and Tooling
  • Flexible Work Cell Design

Automated Assembly Systems:

  • Sensing and Metrology 
  • Industrial Robotics Development and Implementation
  • Rapid Design and Verification of Jigs and Fixtures 
  • Smart Assembly Systems
  • Metrology-Assisted Assembly (MAA) 
  • Advanced Metrology-Assisted Robotic Guidance
  • Wireless Sensing and Part Location Via Vision Systems 
  • Cooperating Robots, Multi-Robot Planning and Robotic Swarms
  • Sensor to Cloud and Smart Sensors 
  • Multi-Sensor Fusion Techniques

Digital Factory:

  • Systems Integration 
  • Smart Factories
  • Component Design for Manufacture 
  • Factory of the Future, Digital Factory and Industry 4.0
  • Digital-Twin Process, CAD Simulation and Optimisation 
  • Plug, Play, Adapt, Learn and Autonomously Control
  • Build Stress and Tolerance Analysis, Tooling Design Stress Analysis 
  • Resource Planning and Whole Lifecycle Analysis
  • Intelligent High-Level System Architecture Development 
  • Process Design and Process Reliability


Centre for Aerospace Manufacturing

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