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Studying in CEACS

The Centre for Contemporary East-Asian Cultural Studies particularly welcomes enquiries for masters and doctoral students. Doctoral candidates are encouraged to view the areas of academic expertise among members of the centre to establish a sense of compatibility between their research proposal and staff research supervision.
Postgraduate students

Postgraduate taught and research students are important contributors to the research of the Centre.


Masters study

The following MA programmes draw on the expertise of members of staff in the Centre.

Cultural Industries and Entrepreneurship MSc

Critical Theory and Cultural Studies MA Critical Theory and Politics MAInternational Media and Communication Studies MA

Film, Television and Screen Industries MA Modern Languages and Critical Theory MA

PhD study

PhD/Research opportunities

Current PhD students

Take a look at the research topics and supervisors of our current students
  • Ai, Qi, ‘Feng Xiaogang’s New Year Celebration Films and the Progress of Contemporary Chinese Commercial Cinema: A Negotiation of the Chinese Film Industry, Regulatory Authority and Popular Culture’ (supervisors: Hongwei Bao, Mark Gallagher)
  • Chan, Vivien, ‘Design and material culture of urban space in 1950s-1970s Hong Kong’ (supervisor: Jeremy Taylor)
  • Chen, Troy, ‘China’s music industry unplugged: Business models, copyright and social entrepreneurship in the online platform economy’ (supervisor: Andrew White)
  • Griffiths, Katie, ‘British propaganda in China and Hong Kong in the 1940s and 1950s’ (joint supervisor: Jeremy Taylor)
  • Gu, Zhun, ‘Nostalgia in Chinese Language Films' (supervisors: Hongwei Bao; Paul Grainge)
  • Meng, Jing, 'Personal Memories as Strategies: Representations of the Cultural Revolution on the Post-2001 Chinese Screens' (completed in 2015) (supervisors: Paul Gladston, Hongwei Bao)
  • Maharam, Mohd Erman, ‘Between National Cinemas: Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia’ (supervisor: Gaik Cheng Khoo)
  • Pittwood, Linda, ‘Feminist Art Practices in China‘ (supervisors: Hongwei Bao; Joshua Jiang)
  • Rahmat, Fuad (supervisor: Gaik Cheng Khoo)
  • Schroeder, L. Odila, ‘Musical composition and performance in wartime Beijing’ (supervisor: Jeremy Taylor)
  • Tang, Fang, 'Imagining the Fantastic: Chinese Women Writers in the Diaspora' (completed in 2017) (supervisors: Rosemary Chapman, Hongwei Bao)
  • Tang, Xingjian, ‘Queer Film Festivals in Shanghai‘ (supervisors: Hongwei Bao; Julian Stringer)
  • Wang, Ying, “Translating Youth Time: Education, Nostalgia and Chinese Youth Films” (supervisor: Mark Gallagher)
  • Weir, Kim, ‘Cultural memory of USD colonialism in the Philippines as expressed through monuments (supervisor: Jeremy Taylor)
  • Whyke, Thomas, 'Interpreting Late Imperial Chinese Homoeroticism through the Nonhuman Lens' (completed in 2017) (supervisors: Lily Yu, Xiaoling Zhang and Hongwei Bao)
  • Xie, Heshen, ‘The Reprogramming of the Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival’ (supervisors: Mark Gallagher, Hongwei Bao)
  • Yao, Yun-wen, 'A Critical Analysis of the Relationship between China's Cultural Diplomacy and Contemporary Chinese Art' (completed in 2015) (supervisors: Paul Gladston, Hongwei Bao)
  • Zhang, Liao, ‘Rebel without a Cause? Girls, Culture and Postfeminism in Contemporary Chinese Girlhood Films’ (supervisor: Mark Gallagher)
  • Zhang, Xiaoran, ‘Online Streaming of US and UK Television in Mainland China’ (supervisor: Mark Gallagher)



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