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After a year like 2020, I feel loathe to reflect on what the future might hold for the CEBD, but one thing remains unchanged and that is our amazing and dedicated staff, who continue to be the beating heart of our team. They are an amazing and inspiring group of people, who bring their varied skills and talents to work daily, and I’ve enjoyed learning about their more eclectic interests during our period of lockdown – whether that be wildlife photography, gardening, dressmaking, woodwork, playing music or simply reading a good book.

I hope you enjoy flicking through this, our new online version, of our bi-ennial impact report, which contains all the usual highlights and is a great celebration of some of our major achievements over the last couple of years. We have completed two landmark randomised controlled trials – one on the prevention of eczema (BEEP), and another evaluating treatments for vitiligo (HI-LIGHT). We are also delighted to have contributed to completion of the core outcome set for eczema (HOME) and development of a new tool for measuring eczema control (RECAP).

You might like to take a few moments to watch one of our videos, or read our latest blog, or learn something new though one of our free online training courses

Looking to the future, we are proud to now be included in the National Institute for Health Research’s School of Primary Care Research and look forward to working more closely with our primary care colleagues both in Nottingham and throughout the country. Whichever direction the future takes us, we will continue to work to our areas of strength and ensure that people with skin disease are at the heart of everything that we do – taking us on their journey and addressing research needs of importance to them.

With very best wishes,

Professor Kim Thomas,
Co-Director of the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology


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