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Eczema Care Online

Learn more about the Eczema Care Online website and how we created and tested it.

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My Eczema Tracker App

My Eczema Tracker is a phone app that tracks eczema symptoms and eczema control. It involves weekly completion of two validated questionnaires.

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The Dragon In My Skin

An artistic outreach project resulting in a children’s book, film, and resource pack for Key Stage 1 teachers (blog).

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Childhood eczema Q&A event for pharmacy staff

IWe invited pharmacy staff to ask a panel of experts their questions about eczema (information sheet).

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Do you know someone with Eczema?

Part of a series of lectures to celebrate 50 Years of Medicine at the University.

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Results of the HI-Light Vitiligo Trial

The results of the HI-Light Vitiligo Trial which tested a a hand-held light narrow band ultraviolet light unit and a corticosteroid cream. 

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COVID-19 hand washing advice

Professor of Dermato-Epidemiology Hywel Williams covers COVID-19 hand washing advice, with a focus on those with dry skin and eczema.

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The COMET initiative

Hywel explains why he thinks that "the development and use of core outcome sets is one of the most important advances to date in evidence-based medicine and surgery."

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UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network

A video explaining what the UK Dermatology Clinical Trials Network (UK DCTN) is about.

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Results of the BATHE trial

Results of the NIHR-funded research trial looking at whether bath emollients help eczema.

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Results of the BLISTER trial

The BLISTER trial for bullous pemphigoid compared a strategy of starting patients on oral steroids or oral doxycycline. The results of the trial are potentially practice changing.

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Being a patient and a researcher: Maxine's story

Maxine Whitton MBE, researcher in vitiligo and patient, shares her experience of working on vitiligo research at the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology.

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Ask the Experts: Eczema Q&A Session 2018

Webinar for National Eczema Week -  hosted by Professor Hywel Williams and Sandra Lawton. Features Dr Robert Dellavalle, Dr Jo Srinivasan, Dr Jane Ravenscroft and Dr Kyle Tang.

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Results of the CLOTHES trial

Does Silk Clothing Help Children with Eczema? With the help of 300 children and their families, researchers have tried to answer this question. Watch the animation to see what they found out.

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Ask the Experts: Eczema Q&A Session 2017

Webinar for National Eczema Week - October 2017 - hosted by Professor Hywel Williams and Sandra Lawton at the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology, University of Nottingham.

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Cochrane Skin and the world of imagination

Professor Hywel Williams talks at Cochrane UK & Ireland Symposium 2017 - Cochrane: Through the Looking Glass, about the importance of Cochrane Skin in evidence-based medicine.

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BBC Inside Out (East Midlands) - Vitiligo

BBC Inside Out (East Midlands) section on vitiligo featuring Dr Jonathan Batchelor, lead for the HI-light vitiligo study, and CEBD patient panel member Maxine Whitton (OBE). Originally broadcast Monday 6th Febuary 2017. Many thanks to the BBC for allowing us to use this footage.

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The BEEP eczema prevention study

The mother of a child taking part in the BEEP eczema prevention study talks about the experience, and Professor Hywel Williams discusses the importance of the study.

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Reducing avoidable waste in eczema research

Professor Hywel Williams talks about his experience as a researcher, and about methods of reducing waste in eczema research at the Evidence Live conference, Oxford, 2015. 

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Being involved in a study: Jasmin and Ebony's story

Jasmin and Ebony share their experience of taking part in the pilot HI-Light vitiligo study which involved using hand-held UV light devices for vitiligo treatment at home. 

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Being involved in a study: Sian's Story

Sian shares her experience of living with the painful skin condition pyoderma gangrenosum and her involvement in the  STOP GAP trial which compared how well two commonly prescribed treatments work.

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Systematic Review of Eczema Treatments

Professor Hywel Williams talks about the Systematic Review for Eczema Treatments produced as part of an NIHR programme grant.

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Water softeners not found to improve childhood eczema

Professor Hywel Williams talks about the result of the  SWET study. The trial showed no objective difference in outcomes between the children whose homes were fitted with a water softener and those without.

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The dirty side of evidence based dermatology

Professor Hywel Williams speaks at the Evidence 2011 conference, co-hosted by the BMJ Evidence Centre and the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine, University of Oxford, in October 2011.

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How to use hand-held light therapy for vitiligo

This training video demonstrates how to use hand-held narrowband ultraviolet light (NB-UVB) devices safely, and was developed in relation to our clinical research trial on vitiligo treatments..

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Links to podcasts and radio programmes

  • Carl Heneghan came to Nottingham to talk about the Better Evidence for Better Healthcare Manifesto. Part of the visit involved a discussion with University of Nottingham researchers, including Professor Hywel Williams, which was recorded and made available as a BMJ Podcast.
  • Listen to Professor Hywel Williams discuss the HOME roadmap, used for the development and implementation of core outcome sets (COSs) in dermatology, with presenter Dr. Robert Dellavalle. 
  • This Cochrane Evidence Podcast features Professor Hywel Williams discussing the implementation of CONSORT at the Journal of Investigative Dermatology 
  • Dr Mark Porter visited the Centre of Evidence Based Dermatology to find out about the latest eczema research, listen to what he found in BBC Radio 4 Casenotes (UK only). 

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