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Understanding the long-term management of eczema


We would like to hear from people with eczema and carers of children with eczema to understand their experiences of living with eczema and explore what aspects of this they think would be important to capture when measuring the long-term management of eczema. The information we get from this study may help improve how eczema is measured in future research.

This study is not currently recruiting new participants.

Key facts

1. Why should we do this study? 

There are currently mixed views on how we should measure long-term management of eczema in clinical trials. This means that at the moment everyone is measuring different things and we can’t easily compare this outcome across trials. The views of people with eczema and carers are needed to help us measure the long-term management of eczema in a way that captures the lived experience of managing eczema as a long-term condition.

2. Who is eligible to take part?

We are looking for people who are 16 years or older with eczema that has been diagnosed by a doctor, or a carer/parent of a child with eczema that has been diagnosed by a doctor. 

You must also be able to speak English and be able to provide informed consent.

3. How long will the study last for? 

The study will be open during summer/autumn 2016, but your involvement will involve participation in one on-line discussion group. 

4. What is involved in taking part?

You will be asked to take part in an online discussion group that will last approximately 60-90 minutes. We will ask participants in the group questions about their eczema and their experience of living with eczema. We will encourage participants to talk with each other about their experiences. You can provide as much or as little information as you wish. You will be contacted via the email you provide in the contact form and will be given details on how to access the online discussion group.

All those who take part in the study will be given a £20 gift voucher in recognition of their time and input.

5. Where is the study taking place? 

This study is taking place on-line, which means you can take part from a location of your choice. You will be able to take part on your mobile or tablet; however we do suggest it will be easier to participate if you can access the discussion group on a laptop or computer. We also suggest you find a quiet, private environment to take part.

6. Who is funding the study?

This study is being funded by the British Skin Foundation.



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