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Can we print your perfect pill

Can we print your perfect pill?

The Royal Society's Summer Science 2021 launches on Thursday 8 July. A team from the Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) and colleagues from the School of Pharmacy are delighted to be taking part to answer the question “Can we print your perfect pill?”.

During 8-11 July you can take a step into our lab and learn about how, and why, they are working to create 3D printed medication that can be personalised according to an individual’s needs. Try your virtual hand at making personalised 3D printed pills for a queue of patients at the Polypills Pharmacy, but be careful, the clock is ticking.

And as part of the Summer Science 2021 launch, we also presented ‘How to print your ‘wonder pill’? lightning lecture which was live streamed on Wednesday 7 July at 7.45-8pm.

Posted on Friday 9th July 2021

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