Centre for Additive Manufacturing
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The Centre for Additive Manufacturing (CfAM) has established a foundational platform of pioneering research activity on multifunctional and multimaterial Additive Manufacturing (AM). The significant research work on the next generation of AM technology continues to cultivate fruitful industrial and academic collaborative networks, setting the agenda for future multifunctional and multimaterial AM research in the UK and beyond.




The major research theme is to concentrate on enabling greater potential value and application by integrating additional engineering or systems functionality within a single component.

The multifunctional AM platform will effectively deliver entire working systems in a single process step. By allowing the embedding of functionalised structures, such as electrical circuitry, power sources, sensors and displays, the benefits inherent to the additive approach can be multiplied. This will enable the creation of 3D structures that are not only optimised to withstand mechanical stresses but also provide maximum functional utility to the user in a wide range of applications.

The CfAM is the host of several large grants from EPSRC, Innovate UK, Industry and other funders.


Centre for Additive Manufacturing

Faculty of Engineering
The University of Nottingham
Nottingham, NG7 2RD

telephone: +44(0)115 84 66374
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