University of Nottingham Commercial Law Centre

Exploitative Technology and Consumer Vulnerability

Wednesday 10th May 2023 (15:30-16:50)
All welcome to attend.

Speakers: Professor Peter Cartwright and Professor Richard Hyde

Discussant: Dr Nwanneka Ezechukwu 

Peter Cartwright and Richard Hyde will be leading a UNCLC research seminar on Exploitative Technologies and Consumer Vulnerability from 3.30-4.50pm on Wednesday 10 May in B55 LASS. Peter and Richard will talk about their previous and current research in this area and will map out their plans and ideas for future work. Dr Nwanneka Ezechukwu-Anekwe from the University of Sheffield will act as discussant, but everyone attending will be encouraged to discuss their ideas about how the law should address these important issues and help to identify what research needs to be undertaken in this area.

Nwanneka Ezechukwu currently lectures at the University of Sheffield, where she also serves as the deputy course director for the Corporate and Commercial Law LLM. She completed her PhD at the University of Nottingham. Her core research interest is in consumer law and policy. Her research projects focus on the regulatory mechanisms protecting consumers in the face of rapidly changing technology. 

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