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We are proud to showcase our research projects, which have actively engaged with policy makers, international organisations, civil society, practitioners, and the international community.

Our research has powerful impacts on the development and reform of commercial law, including through informing courts’ judgments, provoking debate and influencing socio-legal discussion, and providing evidence for politicians and select committees.

Irit Mevorach
We tirelessly search for ways to improve laws and policies to support a sustainable and vibrant economy.
Professor Irit Mevorach

UNCLC research themes

Business and human rights, and international regulation of business

(Robert McCorquodale and Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg)

Consumer law

(Peter Cartwright and Richard Hyde)

Corporate, restructuring and insolvency

(Sandra Frisby, Nicholas Gervassis, Irit Mevorach,Susan Morgan, Christos Andrikopoulos, Casey Watters)

European and international business, corporate and insolvency law

(Irit Mevorach, Jeff Kenner, Narine Ghazaryan, Christos Andrikopoulos, Qianlan Wu)

International trade and maritime law

(Howard Bennett, Andrea Tosato)

International commercial litigation including commercial conflicts of laws and international arbitration

(Paul Torremans, Orsolya Toth, Reza Beheshti, Irit Mevorach, Qianlan Wu)

Intellectual property

(Paul Torremans, Estelle Derclaye,   Nicholas Gervassis, Andrea Tosato, Alina Trapova) 

Law and technology

(Oliver Butler, Nicholas Gervassis,  Paul Torremans, Andrea Tosato, Alina Trapova, Ozlem Ulgen)

Secured transactions, property and finance

(Sandra Frisby, Christopher Sargeant, Sanam Saidova, Andrea Tosato)


Engagement and impact

Rebuilding a Resilient Britain, final reports with contributions from UNCLC

The Government Office for Science, the Chief Scientific Advisers and ESRC Areas of Research Interest teams launched The Rebuilding a Resilient Britain project during the Covid-19 pandemic. The project aimed to address issues related to Britain’s recovery from the pandemic. UNCLC members Professor Irit Mevorach, Dr Qianlan Wu, Dr Marianthi Pappa, Dr Sandra Frisby and Professor Robert McCorquodale contributed to the work of the Trade and Aid working group and its final report (‘Rebuilding a Resilient Britain: Trade and Aid’).


Commercial Law Centre and UNIDROIT


Intellectual property collateral in secured transactions

dancing shadows

Tax problems experienced by older people



Influencing regulation on corporate responsibility


Designing private international law rules that are fit for intellectual property


Strengthening policy for cross-border and enterprise groups insolvency


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15 years of design litigation in the EU Member States

oil rig

Restricting the defence of inherent vice



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