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Professor Derclaye speaks at French event on Brexit and copyright


On 21 April 2022, Prof Derclaye spoke at the AFPIDA (French branch of the Association litteraire et artistique internationale) online event « Brexit et propriété littéraire et artistique ». She was asked to give the British point of view on copyright and Brexit. She talked about selected issues namely subject-matter of protection, originality, the database sui generis right and the exhaustion principle. The other topics and speakers were:

  • The copyright aspects of the TCA between the UK and EU, Tristan Azzi, Professor at Paris1 Pantheon-Sorbonne
  • Brexit & art, par Thierry Maillard (ADAGP)                                                                                                                            
  • Brexit & music (the related rights’ angle) : Anne-Charlotte Jeancard, director of legal and international affairs at ADAMI
  • Brexit & audiovisual works : Simon Armitage (BBC).

 Over 70 people attended and there was a lot of time for debate and discussion on the various issues. Some members of the other national branches of ALAI were in attendance and contributed also to the very interesting debate.

Posted on Friday 22nd April 2022

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