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Professor Estelle Derclaye invited to present her empirical research on EU design and copyright law at University of Angers


On 1 June 2023, at the conference « MathSTIC et LLSHS (i.e. Lettres, langues, sciences humaines et sociales): Regards croisés » organised by the University of Angers’s departments of mathematics, arts, humanities and social sciences, Professor Derclaye presented the empirical research she undertook in collaboration with Professor Gilles Stupfler (University of Angers’s departments of mathematics). Her research on design law was published in 2019-2021 and that on copyright law is forthcoming and funded by the British academy, ESRC Impact Accelerator Account and Google.

For the papers, see:

  • 1) O. Church, E. Derclaye & G. Stupfler, “An empirical analysis of the design case law of the EU Member States” (2019) International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law,
  • 2) E. Derclaye, “EU Design Law: Transitioning Towards Coherence? 15 Years of National Case Law” in Bruun, Dinwoodie, Levin & Ohly (eds), Transition and Coherence in Intellectual Property Law, Cambridge University Press, 2020,
  • 3) "Design litigation in the EU Member States: Are overlaps with other intellectual property rights and unfair competition problematic and are SMEs benefitting from the EU design legal framework?" (2021) European Law Review 37-60 (with O. Church and G. Stupfler), + addendum 264, available at
  • 4) E. Derclaye, “To What Extent is the Parody Exception Truly Harmonised? An Empirical Analysis of the Member States’ Case Law Post-Deckmyn” (2023) Intellectual Property Quarterly 59-81
  • 5) E. Derclaye, “The Status of Three-Dimensional Functional Works Post-Cofemel. An Empirical Analysis of the Member States’ Case Law Which Had an Artistic Merit Requirement”, forthcoming 2024,

The other presenters were Professor Stupfler on extreme values and statistics, and two doctoral students in law (F. Péan, Univ. Angers) and management (M. Hizam, Univ. Nantes) who do interdisciplinary research in algorithms and anti-discrimination law and on the societal and ethical challenges of artificial intelligence.


Posted on Thursday 1st June 2023

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