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Issues 2000-2004

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Volume 15, 2000


  • Louise Mullany 'The application of current language and gender theory to managerial meeting discourse'
  • Joanna Gavins 'Absurd tricks with bicycle frames in the Text World of The Third Policeman'
  • Jayne Carroll 'Words and weapons: The Battle of Brunanburh'
  • Peter Stockwell 'Futuretalk: one small step towards a Chronolinguistics'

Volume 16, 2001


  • Alan Durant 'Comprehension and Problem-Solving in the Literature Classroom'
  • Ida Bahar 'Linguistic Relativity And The Translation Dilemma: Reading Between The Lines In Malay Literatures In English'
  • Chris Williams 'Uses of the Imperative with the Progressive Form in English'
  • Dany Badran 'Modality and Ideology in Translated Political Texts'
  • Jonathan D. Picken 'Metaphor in Narrative and the Foreign Language Learner'

Volume 17, 2002


  • Mike Handford 'Developing Sociocultural Competence in the ESL Classroom'
  • Maria Economidou-Kogetsidis 'Requesting strategies in English and Greek: Observations from an
    Airline's Call Centre'
  • Melinda Tan 'Fixed Expressions in EFL: The Case for Prepositional Clusters'
  • Svenja Adolphs 'Genre and Spoken Discourse: Probabilities and Predictions'
  • Christiana Gregoriou '"Behaving Badly": A Cognitive Stylistics of the Criminal Mind'
  • Zonglin Chang 'A Case Study of Metaphor in Literary Readings'

Volume 18, 2004


  • Craig Hamilton 'Modernism and its Metaphors: Rereading The Voyage Out by Virginia Woolf and Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence'
  • Ernestine Lahey 'All the World's a Subworld: Direct Speech and Subworld Creation in "After" by Norman MacCaig'
  • Mujib Rahman 'Aiding the Reader: The use of Metalinguistic Devices in Scientific Discourse'
  • Salwa Nugali 'Picking out Irony in Robert Frost's "After Apple Picking ..."'

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