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Issues 1971-1979

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Volume 1, Number 1, November 1971


  • M.M. Lewis 'What we know about children's language development'
  • R.R.K. Hartman 'American Linguistics 1971'
  • C.S. Butler 'The language German chemists use'
  • J.G. Williamson ' Language and the student teacher'
  • W. Nash 'The continuing dilemma of linguistics'

Volume 1, Number 2, March 1972


  • N. Denison 'Socio-linguistics field-work I'
  • C.N. Candlin 'Socio-linguistics field-work II'
  • B.W. Ife 'Can a TG grammar provide a model of the literary process?'
  • R.M. Kempson 'Conditions for a semantic theory'
  • D. Barnaby 'Adjective order in English noun phrases'
  • J. Shotter 'Can the current dilemma of linguistics ever be resolved?'

Volume 2, Number 1, November 1972


  • J.McH. Sinclair et al. 'Linguistic Stylistics by candle-light'
  • K.A. Albrow 'The English writing system complex'
  • E. Fichtner 'Formal versus functional linguistics'
  • C.J. Pountain 'Dilemmas and dichotomies'

Volume 2, Number 2, March 1973


  • P. MacCarthy 'Phonetic training for modern language students'
  • G.L.M. Berry-Rogghe 'Some contributions of computational linguistics'
  • I. Fletcher 'A semantic and syntactical investigation of a verbal lexical field'
  • J.M. Wilding 'Structural amnesia and the ideal native speaker'
  • C.S. Butler 'A contrastive study of modality in English, French, German and Italian'

Volume 3, Number 1, November 1973


  • C.J. Poutain 'Generative Semantics and semantics'
  • D.J. Bruce 'Performance and the study of language acquisition'
  • F.C. Stork 'Linguistics and speech therapy'
  • M. Greenwood 'A speech therapist's comments on the Quirk Report'
  • R.R.K. Hartman 'European linguistics 1973. Establishment or revolution?'
  • W.N. 'I think that I shall never see . . .'
  • W.Nash 'Lames and sames. Two sociolinguistic perspectives'
  • M.C. Grayshon 'On saying no'

Volume 4, Number 1, January 1975


  • M.C. Grayshon 'Towards a social grammar'
  • Michael Stubbs 'Grammatical form, discourse function, discourse structure and social situation: comment on Grayshon'
  • Robin Fawcett 'Summary of 'Some issues concerning levels in systemic models of language''
  • Christopher S. Butler 'Some observations on the characteristics of restricted and elaborated codes'

Volume 4, Number 2, October 1975


  • M.C. Grayshon '"Social grammar and discourse function analysis" Comment on Stubbs' "Grammatical form, discourse function, discourse structure and social situation"'
  • M. Stubbs 'Review of Thornton, Language, Experience and School and A. P. Doughty, Language and Community'
  • Deirdre Burton 'Concrete poetry - "the general art of the word"'

Volume 5, Number 1, March 1976


  • Dennis E. Ager 'Register'
  • W.A. Bennet 'One type of expressive noun phrase in French'
  • Deirdre Burton '"In think they know that" Aspects of English language work in primary classrooms'
  • M. Stubbs 'Review of Trudgill, Accent, Dialect and the School'

Volume 5, Number 2, October 1976


  • Andrew Radford 'On the non-discrete nature of the Verb-Auxiliary distinction in English'
  • Geoffrey K. Pullum 'On the nonexistence of the Verb-Auxiliary distinction in English'
  • Andrew Radford 'Postscript on Squishes'
  • Geoffrey K. Pullum 'Squish: a final squash'
  • A.R. Pester 'The 'Locution Prépositive' as a stylistic marker in modern French'
  • J.C.B. Gordon 'Concepts of verbal deficit in Bernstein's writings on language and social class'
  • Geoffrey Turner 'Review of M.A.K. Halliday, Learning How to Mean: Explorations in the Development of Language'

Volume 6, Number 1, May 1977


  • Alex Rodger 'Themes and these: textual cohesion and poetic significance in Theodore Roethke's "Child on Top of s Greenhouse"'
  • Pierre Calame 'A poetic model: an analysis of Robert Graves' "The Cool Web"'
  • Deirdre Burton 'Dialogue and discourse: on stylistic analysis and modern dramatic texts, with an illustration from Tom Stoppard'
  • Walter Nash 'On a passage from Lawrence's "Odour of Chrysanthemums"'
  • Deirdre Burton 'Review of H.G. Widdowson, Stylistics and the Teaching of Literature'

Volume 6, Number 2, October 1977


  • Nancy Ratner & Jerome Bruner 'Games, social exchange and the acquisition of language'
  • Alison Gopnik 'No, there, more and allgone: why the first words aren't about things'
  • Celia Noble 'Weak speak: an investigation of sarcastic slang'
  • Gordon Wells 'Language use and educational success: a response to Joan Tough's The Development of Meaning (1977)'
  • J.C.B. Gordon 'Linguistics and the concept of verbal deficit'

Volume 7, Number 1, August 1978


  • A.S. Crompton 'Phonological models for intonation'
  • F.J. Nolan 'The 'coarticulation resistance' model of articulatory control: solid evidence from English liquids?'
  • C.S. Butler 'Review of Brown, Listening to Spoken English'
  • A.H. Sommerstein 'Review of Fisher-Jørgensen, Trends in Phonological Theory: a Historical Introduction'

Volume 7, Number 2, December 1978


  • A.S. Crompton 'Generation of intonation and contours from syntactically specified input'
  • Paul A. Chilton 'On the theory of register'
  • Deirdre Burton 'Towards an analysis of casual conversation'
  • Michael Stubbs 'Review of MacKinnon, Language, Education and Social Processes in a Gaelic Community'
  • Richard A. Coates 'Reviews of Trudgill (ed), Sociolinguistic Patterns in British English and Macaulay, Language, Social Class and Education: a Glasgow Study'

Volume 8, Number 1, June 1979


  • G.G. Corbett 'Adjective movement'
  • Bruce Willis 'Mentally retarded children - qualitatively different speech'
  • Ronald Carter 'Poetry and conversation: an essay in discourse analysis'
  • Richard Coates 'Survival of ciphered forms in speech'
  • Margaret Berry 'A note on Sinclair and Coulthard's classes of acts, including a comment on comments'
  • Michael F. McTear 'Review of Labov & Fanshel, Therapeutic Discourse: Psychotherapy as Conversation'
  • Richard Coates 'Review of Jakobson, Six Lectures on Sound and Meaning'
  • R.R.K. Hartman 'Review of Holt, Kaleidoskop - ein deutsches Lesebuch'
  • Walter Grauberg 'Review of MacDonald, French in the News'

Volume 8, Number 2, December 1979


  • Jennifer & Paul Coates 'Using computer models to test linguistic models: an attempt at a modal algorithm'
  • Kay Richardson 'Some comments on the function of sentences in discourse'
  • Sue Foster 'Topic initiation - one step or two: some factors involved in Mother-Child interaction at the prelinguistic stage'
  • John Connolly 'Quantitative analysis of syntactic change'
  • Michael F. McTear 'Review of Jim Shenkein, (ed), Studies in the Organization of Conversational Interaction'
  • Michael Stubbs 'Review of Malcolm Coulthard & David Brazil, Exchange Structure'

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