Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics

The Publication Policy

The publication policy of NLC remains true to the principles of the first issue, edited by Ronald Hartmann and Walter Nash:

"We hope to create a small market for writings which merit at least a passing notice, but which may not be germane to the big business of the learned journals. In considering such writings for publication we shall not impose limitations of doctrine or theme. Our editorial posture is one of non-commitment, the only requirement being that contributions should be of moderate length and have a clear bearing on linguistics or language. This is virtually an invitation to all comers, and since there are obviously many topics which lie beyond the scope of our arbitration, we have asked colleagues in various fields to help us by serving on an advisory panel...

As editors, we are of course convinced of the value and desirability of our undertaking. However, it must be obvious that the strength of a 'little magazine' - its whole character and potential for growth - lies very largely with its readership. We would accordingly remind our readers of our editorial need to be pestered. We invite suggestions, criticisms, information, matter for debate. In short, we call for a participant audience to help in creating a lively magazine.


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