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Our research employs a multitude of methods to explore a wide range of linguistic areas which has wide-reaching application and impact. Read about our previous projects here. Currently funded projects within CRAL are listed below.


Language and LGBT identity: Exploring the marginalisation of young people

British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant

01/10/2018 - 30/09/2020

Dr Lucy Jones ( Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics

This project involves fieldwork with young LGBT people in three socioeconomically and culturally variable locations in the UK. It combines ethnography with discourse analysis to examine the strategies used by the young people to negotiate norms and ideologies of gender and sexuality in their everyday interaction. Specifically, the project focuses on intersectionality to consider how factors such as the young people’s socioeconomic class, ethnicity, location, and support networks impact on their experiences as LGBT people and their subsequent identity constructions. The aims of the project are (1) to develop a framework for the qualitative sociolinguistic analysis of LGBT identity which takes into account the impact of other social identities, and (2) to inform social policy and practice related to the support of young LGBT people. This second point will be achieved via a briefing paper and a workshop in collaboration with the young people involved in this project. This will provide those working in healthcare, education, and social policy at a local and national level with information about the support needs of LGBT youth.


Marginalised Families Online: Exploring the role of digital media for parents in diverse family groups

The British Academy

03/03/2018 – 02/03/2021

Dr Jai MacKenzie (Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics)

The Marginalised Families Online project will explore the role that digital (online and mobile) media such as messaging apps, discussion forums, social networks and blogs, play in the lives of marginalised family groups in the UK. It focuses on parents who are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender), adoptive, and/or solo (raising children on their own).

The project aims to give a voice to families who tend to be under-represented in both an academic and broader social context, and to highlight some of the challenges they face. It uses innovative methods (drawing on sociological, linguistic and digital approaches and tools) to forge new understanding of the way parents navigate their roles, relationships and experiences in relation to social norms around gender, sexuality and the family. By focusing on the intersections between the experiences of LGBT, solo and adoptive parents, the project seeks to understand and address issues that relate to a range of diverse families

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