Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics
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About us

The Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics (CRAL) was established in 2002 and brings together over 20 academics and over 30 postgraduate research students. The Centre is committed to developing world-class research into language use.

Since its establishment over 15 years ago, CRAL has branched out in many different directions and specialises in the following areas of linguistic enquiry:

Discourse analysis and sociolinguistics

  • Language, gender and sexuality
  • Health communication
  • Professional communication
  • Corpus-based language enquiry
  • Multimodality and corpus linguistics


  • Psychological aspects of language acquisition and use
  • Multi-word unit formulaic language processing
  • Emotional responses to language
  • Infants and children learning word forms and dialects 

Second language acquisition and language teaching and learning

  • Motivation in the language classroom
  • Vocabulary studies
  • Second language acquisition and pedagogy
  • Corpus linguistics and language teaching


  • Interfaces of language and literature
  • Stylistics
  • Cognitive Poetics


Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics

The University of Nottingham

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