Centre for Research in Applied Linguistics

Research Groups

We specialise in a number of areas of research within linguistics


In addition to the wide variety of projects and collaborations run within CRAL, the Centre has a number of dedicated research groups which focus on specific areas of applied linguistics.

Health Language Research Group (HLRG)


The Health Language Research Group brings together leading researchers from various disciplines, with the aim of advancing the quality of language and communication performance in the National Health Service.

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Linguistic Profiling for Professionals is is a unique consultancy and training package designed by Prof. Louise Mullany to help businesses strengthen employees’ communicative skills and enhance their presence and impact.

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The Pyscholinguistics and Language Learning Lab is an interdisciplinary group that shares an interest in language processing and acquisition in a first and second language.

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The Stylistics and Discourse Analysis Research Group facilitates interdisciplinary discussion and networking among postgraduate students in various areas of stylistics and discourse analysis.

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