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Issues 1980-1985

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Volume 9, Number 1, 1980


  • Jenny Cheshire 'Syntactic and semantic constraints on ain't'
  • A.G.H. Walker 'North Frisia and linguistics'
  • Ronald Chan 'The non-uniqueness of stylistic descriptions'
  • Anita Pincas 'Teaching linguistics: the problem of terminology'
  • Christopher J. Pountain 'Theoretical linguistics and the teaching of Spanish'
  • Gill Alexander 'Review of Casey Miller & Kate Swift, Words and Women'
  • Euan Reid 'Reviews of A.J. Aitken & Tom McArthur, (eds), Languages of Scotland and V.K. Edwards, The West Indian Issue in British Schools'
  • Michael Stubbs 'Review of J.D. McClure, A.J. Aitken & J.T. Low, The Scots Language'

Volume 9, Number 2, December 1980


  • Katie Wales '"Personal" and "indefinite" reference: the users of the pronoun ONE in present-day English'
  • Siew-Yue Killingley 'Syntactical and semantic considerations in the Cantonese classifier'
  • Michael Stubbs & Margaret Berry 'The Duke of Wellington's gambit: notes on the English verbal group
  • Kevin Durkin 'A note on the meaning and use of English proximity prepositions'
  • Ronald Carter 'Reviews of V.J. Cook, Young Children and Language and Alan Cruttenden, Language in Infancy and Childhood'

Volume 10, Number 1, June 1981


  • Mava Jo Powell 'The notion of literal meaning in Speech Act Theory'
  • Robyn Carston 'Irony and parody and the use-mention distinction'
  • Margaret Berry 'Polarity, ellipticity and propositional development, their relevance to the well-formedness of an exchange (a discussion of Coulthard and Brazil's classes of Move)'
  • Walter Nash 'Openings and Preconditions: A note on narrative'
  • Jeffrey Wilkinson 'Children's Writing: Composing or Decomposing?'

Volume 10, Number 2, December 1981


  • Sandra Harris 'The function of directives in court discourse'
  • Richard Hudson 'Wanna and the lexicon'
  • John M. Kirk 'On Scottish non-standard English'
  • Steve Lander 'Creole and non-Creole influence on the English of the British-born children of the Carribean immigrants'
  • Anthony J. Tinkel 'Language study in the Sixth Form'
  • Siew-Yue Killingley 'A note on certain difficulties in using GALD'
  • Michael Stubbs 'Review of Hartmann, (ed), Dictionaries and their Users'

Volume 11, Number 1, June 1982


  • Graeme Ritchie 'Computational approaches to language'
  • Siew-Yue Killingley 'Classifier, noun and verb in the expression of spatiotemporal relationships in Cantonese'
  • Alan Davies 'Spaces between silences: verbal interaction in Quaker meetings'
  • Margaret Berry 'Review of Halliday, M.A.K., Language as Social Semiotic'

Volume 11, Number 2, December 1982


  • Penny Willis and Lesley Jeffries 'Participant (case) roles and lexical analysis'
  • Jane Roberts 'The English historical thesaurus'
  • Paul Meara 'Word associations in a foreign language'
  • Ronald Carter 'A note on core vocabulary'
  • A.P. Cowie 'Polysemy and the structure of lexical fields'
  • D.A. Cruse 'On lexical ambiguity'
  • R.R.K. Hartman 'Lexicography: an annotated minimum bibliography'

Volume 12, Number 1, June 1983


  • Phil Champ 'The evaporation of liquids in Cockney'
  • Una Cunningham 'Aspects of the intonation of Spanish'
  • Martin Nystrand 'The role of context in written communication'
  • David Pimm 'Similarities and differences between mathematical and linguistic transformations'
  • M. Stubbs 'Review of R. Lesser & P. Trewitt, An Annotated Bibliography of Verbal Materials'
  • M. Stubbs 'Review of Peter Trudgill & Jean Hannah, International English'

Volume 12, Number 2, December 1983


  • Christopher Brumfit 'Some problems with Krashen's concept's "acquisition" and "learning"'
  • Annick de Houwer 'Some aspects of the simultaneous acquisition of Dutch and English by a three-year-old child'
  • A.A. Lyne 'Word-frequency counts: their particular relevance to the description of languages for special purposes and a technique for enhancing their usefulness'
  • Inge C. Schwerdtfeger 'Foreigner-talk: implications for foreign language teaching?'
  • W. Grauberg 'Review of H.H. Stern, Fundamental Concepts in Language Teaching'
  • M. McTear 'Review of D. Crystal, Profiling Linguistic Disability'
  • W. Grauberg 'Review of CILT, (Eds), Communications Skills in Modern Languages at School and in Higher Education'

Volume 13, 1984


  • Cate Poynton 'Forms and functions: Names as vocatives'
  • J.R. Martin 'Functional components in grammar: A review of deployable recognition criteria'
  • Ruqaiya Hasan 'The nursery tale as a genre'
  • Eija Ventola 'The dynamics of genre'
  • David Butt 'Perceiving as making in the poetry of Wallace Stevens'
  • Jean Jaques Weber 'Deontic, axiological and epistemic distance in Graham Greene's The Honorary Consul'
  • Sandra A. Thompson 'Grammar and written discourse: Initial vs. final purpose clauses in English'

Volume 14, 1985


  • Joanna Channell 'Vagueness as a conversational strategy'
  • Susan Hunston 'Text in World and World in Text: goals and models of scientific writing'
  • Michael Lumsden 'The definiteness effect and predication'
  • Rukmini Bhaya Nair 'Telling lies: some literary and other violations of Grice's maxim of quality'
  • Marion Owen 'The conversational functions of anyway'
  • Caroline Stainton 'Review of Oreström B. (1983), Turn-taking in English Conversation'

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