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CJRC Member Publications - 2018/19 and forthcoming

Ergul Celiksoy, 'Ibrahim and Others v. UK: Watering down the Salduz principles?' (2018) 9(2) New Journal of European Criminal Law 229.

Ergul Celiksoy, 'Ongoing Problem of Irreducible Life Sentences in Turkey' European Journal of Crime, Criminal Law and Criminal Justice (forthcoming).

Ergul Celiksoy, 'Overruling ‘the Salduz Doctrine’ in Beuze v Belgium: The ECtHR’s Further Retreat from the Salduz Principles on the Right to Access to Lawyer' New Journal of European Criminal Law (under-review).

Zachary Hoskins, Beyond Punishment? A Normative Account of the Collateral Legal Consequences of Conviction (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019).

Zachary Hoskins, 'Against Incapacitative Punishment', in Jan de Keijser, Julian Roberts, and Jesper Ryberg (eds.), Predictive Sentencing: Normative and Empirical Perspectives (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2019),pp. 89-105.

Zachary Hoskins, 'May, Larry', in M.N.S. Sellers and Stephan Kirste (eds.), Encyclopedia of the Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy (Dordrecht: Springer, 2019).

Zachary Hoskins, Review of Mark Dsouza, Rationale-Based Defences in Criminal Law, in Criminal Law and Philosophy (2019): 1-6. DOI: 10.1007/s11572-019-09500-0.

Zachary Hoskins, 'Criminalization and the Collateral Consequences of Conviction', Criminal Law and Philosophy 12 (2018): 625-39.

Zachary Hoskins, 'Offenders’ Rights and Public Safety', in John Child and Antony Duff (eds.), Criminal Law Reform Now (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2018), pp. 67-74.

Zachary Hoskins, 'Multiple-Offense Sentencing Discounts: Score One for Hybrid Accounts of Punishment', in Jesper Ryberg, Julian V. Roberts, and Jan W. de Keijser (eds.), Sentencing Multiple Crimes (New York: Oxford University Press, 2018), pp. 75-93.

Zachary Hoskins, 'Collateral Consequences of Conviction', in Hugh LaFollette (ed.), International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018).

Zachary Hoskins, 'The Danger of Making Exceptions for the Death Penalty', IAI News (Oct. 8, 2018), online at

John Jackson, Special Advocates in the Adversarial System (Routledge, 2019) 292.

John Jackson, “The Use of Special Advocates in Countering Terrorism: Human Rights, Best Practice and Procedural Tradition” in G Lennon, C King and C McCartney (eds), Counter-terrorism, Constitutionalism and Miscarriages of Justice: A Festschrift for Clive Walker (Hart, 2019) 99-115.

John Jackson, “Common Law Evidence and the Common Law of Human Rights: Towards a Harmonic Convergence?” (2019) 27 William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal 689-715.  

John Jackson and P Roberts, “Beyond Common Law Evidence - Reimagining, and Reinvigorating, Evidence Law as Forensic Science” in D Brown and J Turner (eds), Oxford Handbook of Criminal Process (OUP, 2019) 787-820.

Vicky Kemp (2019) ‘Digital Legal Rights: Exploring Detainees’ Understanding of the Right to a Lawyer and Potential Barriers to Accessing Legal Advice’, Criminal Law Review (forthcoming).

Vicky Kemp (2019) ‘Authorising and Reviewing Detention: PACE Safeguards in a Digital Age’, Criminal Law Review (forthcoming).

Vicky Kemp (2018) Digital Legal Rights for Suspects: Users’ Perspectives and PACE Safeguards:

Vicky Kemp (2018) Effective Police Station Legal Advice: Country Report for England and Wales:

Vicky Kemp (2018) Effective Police Station Legal Advice: Country Report for Ireland:

Vicky Kemp (2018) Effective Police Station Legal Advice: Country Report for Northern Ireland:

Vicky Kemp (2018) Effective Police Station Legal Advice: Country Report for Scotland:

Barbora Holá, Róisín Mulgrew and Joris van Wijk (eds), Special Issue of International Criminal Law Review (2019) 19 (1) ‘National Prosecutions of International Crimes: Sentencing Practices and (Negotiated) Punishments’: 

Paul Roberts and Michael Stockdale (eds), Forensic Science Evidence and Expert Witness Testimony: Reliability Through Reform? (Edward Elgar, 2018), xxi + 431pp (including “Introduction: Forensic Science, Evidential Reliability and Institutional Reform” (with Michael Stockdale), 1-26; and “Making Sense of Forensic Science Evidence”, 27-70).

Paul Roberts, “Five Foundational Fallacies of Common Law Evidence” (in Chinese, translated by Ping Yang and Baosheng Zhang) (2018) 26 Evidence Science 93-108.

Paul Roberts, “The Forensic Challenge” (2018) 13 Frontiers of Law in China 1-24.

Paul Roberts, “The Right of Silence, Socio-legal Research and Law Reform Politics (and Brexit)’ (2019) 23 E & P 330-38.

Philippa Tomczak, (2018) Prison Suicide: What Happens Afterwards? Bristol: University of Bristol Press.

Philippa Tomczak and G. Buck (2019) 'The Penal Voluntary Sector: A Hybrid Sociology’. British Journal of Criminology, 59(4), 898-918.

Philippa Tomczak (Special Issue Editor; Introduction) (forthcoming 2019) ‘The Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector: In Comparative Perspective’. Howard Journal of Crime and Justice.

Philippa Tomczak and G. Buck (forthcoming 2019) 'The Criminal Justice Voluntary Sector: Concepts and an Agenda for an Emerging Field’. The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice.

Philippa Tomczak (2019, invited) ‘Associations socio-judiciaires et sorties de délinquance’, in Gaïa A. et al (dir.) Comment sortir de la délinquance? Genève: Médecine et Hygiène.

G. Buck, P. Harriott, K. Ryan, N. Ryan, and Philippa Tomczak (forthcoming 2020) ‘All our justice: People with convictions and ‘participatory’ criminal justice’ in Duffy, J. and Beresford, P. (Eds.) Handbook of Service User Involvement in Human Services Research and Education. Oxon: Routledge.

Quinn, K. and Philippa Tomczak (forthcoming 2020) ‘Emotional labour in the penal voluntary sector’ in Phillips, J. et al. (Ed.), Emotional Labour in Criminal Justice. Routledge.

Dirk Van Zyl Smit and Catherine Appleton, Life Imprisonment: a Global Human Rights Analysis was formally accepted for publication by Harvard University.

Dirk Van Zyl Smit and Catherine Appleton, ‘The Ultimate Penalty’ (2018) 19 New Philosopher 88-93. (5)

Matt Thomason, ‘The Criminal Bar Association Study and Section 41: Dousing or Stoking the Flames?’ (2019) 2 Archbold Review 4-6.

Matt Thomason, ‘Previous Sexual History Evidence: A Gloss on Relevance and Relationship Evidence’ (2018) 22(4) International Journal of Evidence and Proof 342-362.

Matt Thomason, Case Comment in R v Moody [2019] EWCA Crim 1222, [2019] Criminal Law Review (Forthcoming, October 2019).


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