Coatings and Surface Engineering (CSE)

Advanced coatings manufacturing

The CME team has extensive expertise in the processing-microstructure-properties relationships of novel metallic and ceramic materials using cold gas dynamic spray, high velocity oxy-fuel spray, suspension and solution precursor spray, laser cladding and e-beam surface treatment. We have developed next generation of ceramics for solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte, thermal barrier coatings for gas turbines and dye sensitised solar cells using solution and suspension precursor route.

Some of our current applications include HVOF thermal spraying and laser cladding of Nanosteel, Kanthal APMT, Ni50Cr, Ni30Al, WC-CoCr, Stellite 6 and MAX phase for power plant components, such as heat-exchangers in biomass boilers, fluidising nozzles, values and bearings in nuclear power plants etc.
We are currently investigating erosion resistant coatings and anti-icing coatings for large scale offshore wind turbines and anti-fouling coatings for wave and tidal energy generation.

In summary, research into coatings manufacturing technologies for power generation includes:

  • Feedstock development through mechanical milling and gas atomisation
  • High pressure Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying (CGDS) for oxidation resistance coating
  • Low Pressure Cold Spraying (LPCS) for repair applications
  • Suspension and Solution Precursor spraying (SSP) for functional coatings using ceramic and graphene
  • Power and wire based Laser Cladding for high temperature corrosion protection using novel feedstock (metal and ceramic)

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Coatings and Surface Engineering (CSE)

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