Centre for the Study of the Viking Age

Fifteenth International Saga-Conference, Aarhus, Denmark

Sunday 5th (17:00) - Saturday 11th August 2012 (12:00)

The CSVA will be well-represented at the Fifteenth International Saga-Conference in Aarhus, Denmark, in August 2012. Papers by members will be given as follows:

Professor Judith Jesch, 'Sagas and Things: Verbal Cultures at Local and General Assemblies in the Viking Diaspora' (Friday 10 August, 13.00, Auditorium 1);

Dr Christina Lee, 'Signs and Portents: the Language of Epidemic Disease in Saga Narratives' (Tuesday 7 August, 10.40, Room 110);

Elizaveta Matveeva, '"Trust in their own might and main": Personal Heroism and Pagan Past in Hrólfs saga kraka' (Tuesday 7 August, 12.50, Auditorium 2);

Marjolein Stern, 'The Narrative Runestone' (Tuesday 7 August, 12.50, Room 010);

Teva Vidal, 'Mirroring the World: Material Culture and the Transmission of Narrative in the Icelandic Family Sagas' (Tuesday 7 August, 10.40, Room 010).

See also the following papers by former members of the CSVA:

Dale Kedwards, York, 'Writing Geography in Medieval Icelandic Manuscripts: the Case of AM 736 I 4to' (Tuesday 7 August 18.15, Room 110);

Dr Slavica Ranković, Bergen, '"Guðrún leit til hans ok brosti við": Formulas and Formulopoiesis in Laxdœla saga' (Tuesday 7 August, 10.15, Room 110).

For more details, see the conference website.

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