Centre for Translation Studies: Subtitling: A Collective Approach

Friday 12th (12:00) - Saturday 13th July 2013 (12:00)
Email: Dr Pierre-Alexis Mével

Subtitling: A Collective Approach

Keynote speakers: Jorge Díaz Cintas (Imperial College), Minako O’Hagan (Dublin City University)

Whilst Audiovisual Translation as a field of study has been growing steadily, there is still a relative lack of dialogue between the key players, particularly in a context where markets are evolving very quickly and where political agendas, economic imperatives and the public’s ever-growing expectations are constantly redefining translation strategies, technological practices and distribution policies. The growing availability of films in subtitled versions striving to provide audiences with improved accessibility, and the inherent vulnerability of subtitling as a mode of language transfer, means that the quality of subtitles, and the working practices of subtitlers themselves are coming under increased scrutiny. Whilst some researchers have argued that working conditions for translators have deteriorated, there is also an argument to be made that communication between the different parties involved could benefit from the development of structures where expectations are rationalised and managed.

This conference aims to bring together professional translators, fansubbers, broadcasters, researchers, consumers, software programmers, and students of translation with the aim of opening conversation and exchange between all those involved in the subtitling process in some way or other. The following topics might be addressed, but the list is by no means exhaustive:

  • How might the work of amateur translators/fansubbers benefit that of professional subtitlers and vice versa?
  • What are the ways in which academic research currently impacts on translation practice, and how might it usefully be developed? Where does academic research fit in the relationship between commissioners, translators and consumers?
  • To what extent is commonly-used software adapted to the needs of broadcasters and translators? How might it be improved?
  • What are viewers’ main frustrations with subtitles? Are their expectations rational and can they be met?
  • From a diachronic perspective, what can be learnt from the history of subtitling and AVT, particularly with regard to future developments and improvements?

There is a registration fee of £20 (£10 for students), which is payable on the day.

To register, please send an email to subtitlingnottingham@gmail.com before 21st June 2013. Please let us know whether you will be attending the conference on both days, and whether you would like to have the buffet dinner at the Broadway cinema and attend the screening and discussion (for the buffet and screening, an extra fee of £12 will be payable on registration).

Note that highlights include keynote interventions by Jorge Díaz-Cintas (Imperial College) and Minako O’Hagan (Dublin City University), but also by several people working directly in the industry of subtitling, including the BBC (with talks by Mike Armstrong and Matt Shotton) and ScreenSystems (talks by John Birch).

On the evening of Friday 12th July, some delegates will go the Broadway cinema in Nottingham to have a buffet dinner and attend a screening of Norwegian film ‘The Deep’ which will also be followed by a discussion.

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