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Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies: Conference: Good Rulers and their Realms

22/07/2013 (09:00-16:30)
King Alfred and Barbarossa in British and German Literature, Art and Historiography of the 19th Century During the 19th century the historical figures of Alfred the Great and Kaiser Barbarossa respectively occupied key legitimizing positions within the British and German discourses on national identity. This international interdisciplinary workshop will investigate the process that created and perpetuated their images and associated myths in both Britain and Germany and pay particular attention to areas where British and German discourses intersect.Key note speakers: Professor Dr Barbara Yorke, Professor Dr Christoph Kampmann, Dr Camilla G. KaulOrganizers: Dr Eva Axer, Dr Christina Lee, Dr Maike Oergel

Centre for Translation Studies: Subtitling: A Collective Approach

12 (12:00) - 13/07/2013 (12:00)
Keynote speakers: Jorge Díaz Cintas (Imperial College), Minako O'Hagan (Dublin City University)

Centre for Translation and Comparative Cultural Studies: 2nd Nottingham Postgraduate Conference on Translation Studies: Translation and Identity

11/07/2013 (09:30-19:00)
In cooperation with the University of Birmingham and the University of Leicester Organizers: Lorenzo Mastropierro, Kathryn Martin, Birgit Friedrich, Xiaofei Sun, Wei Ye Keynote Speaker: Prof. Mona Baker (University of Manchester)
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