Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease

Within the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, we have an interdisciplinary group of scientists and clinicians dedicated to deepening our understanding of cardiovascular diseases. Our aim is to unlock new knowledge and enable new possibilities in the detection, prevention and treatment of these life-threatening conditions. Together, we use a number of concepts, including:

  • Understanding the heart and blood vessels
  • Detecting the underlying genetics
  • Identifying differing metabolic activities
  • Unravelling the function of the cardiovascular system
  • Exploring the development of the cardiovascular system 
  • Researching the epidemiological factors affecting heart and vascular disease

Spotlight project

Tackling cardiomyopathy in humans and animals

Here at The University of Nottingham, we are working with both human and animal patients to better understand cardiovascular disease. One of our key projects involves the study of cardiomyopathy. We use a range of molecular, pathophysiological, epidemiological, metabolic and histopathological techniques to understand the disease and its effects.

By understanding the risks for each species and breed, unravelling the genetics behind each cardiomyopathy and linking lifestyle and other epidemiological factors, we’re advancing clinical understanding of this condition and how to reduce its risk factors. 

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Researcher working in laboratory

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Diagnostics and Therapeutics

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