Economic Worlds


By focusing on the practices and performances of individual economic actors, our research has provided innovative insights into the ways in which everyday economic geographies shape the global economy.


Consuming bodies

Using innovative methodological approaches, research has been at the forefront of work in consumption geography in demonstrating how consumption involves the complex interplay between subjects, objects and agency in spatially variegated ways.

Recent publications

  • Crewe, L. (2017) The Geographies of Fashion: Consumption, Space and Value, London, Bloomsbury.
  • Crewe, L. and Martin, A. (2017) 'Sex and the city: branding, gender and the commodification of sex consumption in contemporary retailing', Urban Studies, 54(3): 582-599.

Economic subjectivities

Our research examines how new forms of organisation associated with neo-liberalisation and the growing power of money and finance are intertwined with the production of new economic subjects and subjectivities.

Recent publications

  • Clare, N. (2017) 'Militantly 'studying up'? (Ab)using whiteness for oppositional research', Area, Online First.
  • Leyshon, A., Crewe, L., French, S., Thrift, N. and Webb, P. (2016) 'Leveraging affect: mobilising enthusiasm and the co-production of the musical economy', In Hracs, B. et al (eds) The Production and Consumption of Music in the Digital Age, Routledge, 248-62.


Economic Worlds

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