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Water Resources

This sub-theme focuses on understanding surface and groundwater dynamics and managing waterways sustainably in an uncertain future.

Our Water Resources staff and PhD students are conducting research on a range of topics, collaborating with staff from across the University of Nottingham, and a network of other global institutions and international campuses.

Water Resources

River Restoration and Flood Management

Our group has extensive experience of managing and restoring rivers around the World. Currently, our focus is on working with natural processes when restoring rivers; the participation of stakeholders in management; and sustainable flood management, particularly in urban settings (for example, Blue-Green Cities). We have convened international conferences and workshops on these themes, as well as publishing work in high impact journals:

Recent publications...

Hydrology and Water Quality

We monitor, measure and model hydrological systems with a focus on water availability, quality and hazards. As a group we focus on global to local scales, with particular interest in the implications of climate change on hydrological systems. Current ongoing projects focus on water temperature, organic pollutants, microplastics in freshwaters, heavy metals from historic mining and modelling human impacts on global water resources.

Recent publications...

Fluvial Geomorphology

We focus on fluvial geomorphology in small and large rivers, with interests in informing the management and restoration of river systems. Our work has involved monitoring, as well as flume experimentation and modelling work. Current work includes geomorphological changes driven by biological activity and assessing and predicting geomorphological change in major systems, for example, Mount St Helens, Brahmaputra-Ganges.

Recent publications...
  • Soar, Philip J., Wallerstein, Nicholas P. And Thorne, Colin R., 2017. Quantifying River Channel Stability at the Basin Scale. WATER. 9(2)
  • Rice SP, Johnson MF, Mathers K, Reeds, J and Extence C. (2016) The importance of biotic entrainment for base flow fluvial sediment transport. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface

Ecology-Environment Interactions

Our group is interested in the interaction between ecological systems and fluvial environmental processes. This includes using ecological communities to monitor changes in water and habitat quality and better understanding how organisms perceive and navigate river environments. We focus particularly on invasive invertebrate species.

Recent publications...
  • Everall NC, Johnson MF, Wilby RL and Bennett CJ. (2015) Detecting phenology change in the mayfly Ephemera danica: Responses to spatial and temporal water temperature variation. Ecological Entomology 40: 95-105
  • Johnson MF and Rice SP. (2014) Animal perception in gravel-bed rivers: Scales of sensing and environmental controls on sensory information. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 71: 945 - 957



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