Human Factors Research Group

Health and Well-being within the Built Environment

This research area primarily focuses on the study of health-based metrics and design criteria conducive to indoor and outdoor environmental quality towards physical, physiological, and psychological well-being in domestic urban environments.

Among activities, a number of events have been organised to facilitate exchanges between researchers and academics from several Universities and professional institutions in the UK. 

These interlinked activities have aimed to stimulate a multi-faceted discussion on health and quality of life in residential environments, offering different perspectives on the factors influencing urban living.


Key contacts

The Cost of Affordability

Funder: EPSRC

Total Funding: £ 10,000

Start Date: 01 January 2016

End Date: 30 March 2016

LeadSergio Altomonte

Co-leadsTim HeathPeter RutherfordRobin WilsonBenjamin Jones, Nicole Porter


People-centred Urban Living in Sustainable Environments (PULSE)

Funder: HEIF 2015 -16 - Capacity building for the Urban Living Partnership (ULP)

Total Funding: £ 6,250

Start Date: 01 June 2016

End Date: 31st July 2016

LeadSergio Altomonte

Co-leads: Tim Heath, Peter Rutherford, Tom Froggatt, Michael Kent



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