Mixed Reality Laboratory

About us

The Mixed Reality Lab (MRL) was established in 1999, and is an interdisciplinary group exploring the potential of ubiquitous, mobile and interactive technologies to shape everyday life.


We were at the forefront of establishing the £18.3M Horizon Digital Economy Institute and Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training, and has a current grant portfolio exceeding £10m, with multiple grants from the European Commission, EPSRC and other organisations and industry partners. The laboratory is now home to sixty academics, research associates and PhD students.

Our focus on everyday life extends beyond the workplace to encompass technologies for the home, the workplace and for culture and entertainment. Research activity has had direct impact on society through: 

  • public engagement – via staging a series of high profile public events that have directly engaged thousands of participants, whilst indirectly reaching millions more through associated national and international media coverage  
  • the development of new interfaces for entertainment  
  • research collaborations with art collectives and creative industries  
  • users and industrial beneficiaries of global human-computer interaction research who use it to advance their products   

The MRL has collaborated with and received research funding from a variety of industrial partners including the BBC, Google, Microsoft Research, Unilever, BAE, GE Aviation, Nokia, BT, Sony, and Scottish Power.




Mixed Reality Laboratory

University of Nottingham
School of Computer Science
Nottingham, NG8 1BB

email: mrl@cs.nott.ac.uk