Mixed Reality Laboratory


The Mixed Reality Lab (MRL) works closely with industrial and cultural partners to explore how our innovations can be applied to many different areas of everyday life including art and performance, games, the home, learning, transportation, healthcare and the environment.

We are also fully committed to transferring knowledge from the MRL to industry through collaborative projects and commercialisation activities, and to the general public through touring performances and installations in science centres, museums and galleries. 


A person sitting inside a living room


The Artcodes application running on a mobile device scanning an Artcode


Schematic model of how accountability can be built into the Internet of Things
Building Accountability into the IoT


Tag cloud from The Built Environment as the Interface to Personal Data system
The Built Environment as the Interface to Personal Data


The Creativity, Culture and Technology Group logo
Creativity, Culture and Technology Group


Databox project logo


FAST project logo


An item being scanned using a mobile phone in a museum (credit: Blast Theory)


Diagram of how the fNIRS headset functions
HCI Evaluations with fNIRS


Image of a number of hand-crafted cards on a table
Hybrid Gifting


Photo of the Privacy Ideation cards
Information Privacy by Design Cards


Example model from the Mixed Reality Storytelling project
Mixed Reality Storytelling


Screenshot of the My House interface
My House


Photo of a person taking food from an open fridge
Open Food


A still from a video of user experience practitioners watching a user on a television
Putting HCI Frameworks to Work


Elderly woman handing a syringe to a robot


Two Franka robotic arms.




Mixed Reality Laboratory

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