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Fusing Audio and Semantic Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption (FAST)

This five-year EPSRC project brings the very latest technologies to bear on the entire recorded music industry, end-to-end, producer to consumer, making the production process more fruitful, the consumption process more engaging, and the delivery and intermediation more automated and robust.

The project addresses three main premises:

(i) that Semantic Web technologies should be deployed throughout the content value chain from producer to consumer;

(ii) that advanced signal processing should be employed in the content production phases to extract “pure” features of perceptual significance and represent these in standard vocabularies;

(iii) that this combination of semantic technologies and content-derived metadata leads to advantages (and new products and services) at many points in the value chain, from recording studio to end-user (listener) devices and applications


Funding Information

FAST is supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

Project Team

FAST is made up of researchers and practioners from Queen Mary, University of Nottingham, and Oxford e-Research Centre.

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Contact Details

For more information, contact Prof. Steve Benford.

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