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The My House simulation in action

My House

Innovate UK funding has been received to develop a simulation game entitled ‘My House’.

The game uses ‘game’ graphics, is played using real world data from smart meters and is configured to help the user reduce their energy use. During the course of play, users will create a 3D version of their house in a web browser and compete with other players to make it more energy efficient. Legendary Games will lead the project supported by Holger Schnadelbach and Joel Fischer of the Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham and the Centre for Sustainable Energy. This project is a natural extension of two separate pieces of government funded research: Project Aria, a TSB funded feasibility study that proved that gamification of energy data could change user’s behaviour and CharIoT, an EPSRC funded project to use sensors to reduce the effects of fuel poverty. The concept is highly innovative as whilst there have been games that inform about how to save energy, and there are gadgets that show usage, there has yet been a commercial product that combines the two. The application will be built on a cutting edge, HTML5 framework allowing users to access it from any web browser equipped device.


Funding Information

The My House project is supported by Innovate UK and will run from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2017.

Contact Details

For more information, please contact Holger Schnädelbach.

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