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Creativity, Culture and Technology Group

The Creativity, Culture and Technology Group is directed by Dr Alan Chamberlain, a senior member of the Mixed Reality Lab

This innovative research group was established in order to bring together researchers/experts from Academia, Industry, the Third Sector, Cultural Oganisations and the Arts in order to develop a network of expertise that may be drawn upon to better understand issues which broadly relate to creativity, culture and technology. We are interested in all kinds of theoretical, practical, performative and experimental approaches to research in these areas.

The interdisciplinary and international make-up of the group means that we are able to function as a network, managing and supporting research projects across sites and disciplines. This innovate approach will provide a platform for researchers to work together, act as a mechanism to support joint activities across sites, support future funding opportunities and deliver a wider range of impact-based activities.

Creativity, Culture and Technology Group

Current activities

We are currently undertaking the following activities:

  • Dr Chamberlain is working with Professor Dix (University of Swansea) to develop a Techhwave event in West Wales. This will bring communities together with a range of international designers & technologists to allow them to develop solutions to community-based technical problems. We are also exploring the notion of developing a Dagstuhl-like retreat, where people can come to explore specific issues in detail or develop ideas without interruption.
  • Working with Prof De Roure (University of Oxford) using experimental approaches to the Digital Humanities to carry out music-based research and support compositional practice.
  • Supporting Prof Milic-Frayling (University of Nottingham) on the UNESCO Persist project.
  • Examining experimental approaches to understanding people and place, using sound, technology and autoethnographic methods Dr Mads Bødker (Copenhagen Business School).
  • Developing conceptual design tools for physical design-based scenarios and Human AI-based interaction with Prof Malizia (University of Hertfordshire).
  • Understanding issues of territory and identity in location-based social media systems with Dr Konstantinos Papangelis (Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University).
  • Dr Maria Kallionpää (Hong Kong Baptist Uni) is exploring the uses of virtual reality in operatic performances with Dr Chamberlain.
  • We also have a series of Music-based research that brings together a range of disciplines, researchers and organisations.

Contact Information

For more information, contact Alan Chamberlain

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