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Marc Rees

This week will see Dr Alan Chamberlain of the Mixed Reality Lab at the National Eisteddfod of Wales, an event that attracts around a 150,000 people. Dr Chamberlain will be taking part in 3 performances that have used technology from the FAST project in their composition. Alan said:

“I’ve been working with Prof De Roure at Oxford Uni and we’ve written academic papers, but this is about creating and performing with the software which was developed on the project, and engaging with the creative industry and public to show them what’s possible. The Mixed Reality Lab has always been at the forefront of this sort of interdisciplinary approach to research and it’s great to be able to have impact in this way”.

LLinell | LLinyn
The initial performance is curated by the internationally renowned performance artist and director Marc Rees and brings together musicians, sound artists & dancers using an installation entitled Mist as the backdrop for the performance - by the artist Sébastien Preschoux.

For one night only, Mist will be inhabited and animated by dancers who will create a movement score responding to the dynamics of the sculpture and music from a live harpist where the taught strings of the instrument and the installation become intertwined via a mesmerising duet.

The artwork Mist by Sébastien Preschoux is a large scale thread sculpture commissioned by Migrations, stretching majestically from tree to tree within the grounds of Ffin-y-Parc Gallery near Llanrwst.

  • Choreographer: Matteo Marfoglia
  • Dancers:  Angharad Harrop, Angharad Jones
  • Harp: Helen Wyn Pari
  • Sound Artists: Alan Chamberlain, Ed Wright
  • Concept: Marc Rees
  • Creative Producer: Iwan Williams - (Ffiwsar, Mist)
  • Artist: Sébastien Preschoux
  • Curator: Karine Décorne (Migrations)

21:00, Saturday 3 August, Ffin-y-Parc, Llanrwst (doors open at 20:45)

Later in the week there will be a performance of two other pieces, one which was premiered at Bangor Music Festival and was also played at Tate (London) as part of the “Living with the Internet of Things” event. And the Festival of Big Ideas (Swansea University), while another has been specifically written and recorded for this event and uses AI-based technology.

All of the works have used software in their creation developed by Dave De Roure (Oxford University). We acknowledge Fusing Semantic and Audio Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption EPSRC EP/L019981/1. Étretat & Nanteos also uses the Magenta AI software. Alan Chamberlain is a Senior Researcher at the Mixed Reality Lab, a Visiting Composer at the Computational Foundry (Swansea University) and a Researcher in Residence at the Digital Catapult
Posted on Friday 2nd August 2019

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