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ExoBuilding (2009)

ExoBuilding explores the novel design space that emerges when an individual’s physiological data and the fabric of building architecture are linked.

In its current form ExoBuilding is a tent-like structure that externalises a person’s physiological data in an immersive and visceral way. This is achieved by mapping abdominal breathing to its shape and size, displaying heart beat through sound and light effects and mapping electro dermal activity to a projection on the tent fabric.


In collaboration with the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute.


Holger Schnädelbach, Physiological Data in Adaptive Architecture. 2011. In International Conference on Adaptive Architecture.

Holger Schnädelbach, Kevin Glover, and Ainojie Alexander Irune. 2010. ExoBuilding: breathing life into architecture. In Proceedings of the 6th Nordic Conference on Human-Computer Interaction: Extending Boundaries (NordiCHI '10). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 442-451. https://doi.org/10.1145/1868914.1868965



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