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Exploding Places (2010)

Exploding Places is a prototype of a real world SIM city or Monopoly, played live on the streets of Woolwich and developed in partnership with artists Active Ingredient and Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute.

You play on the phone screen and through headphones, as you walk the town’s real streets. Exploding Places encourages us to explore and discover Woolwich in a new way, meet other players in both the real and fictional world of the game and experience the history and geography of Woolwich in a playful way.

Exploding Places

In collaboration with Active Ingredient and the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute.

Commissioned by Stream Arts.


Martin Flintham, Chris Greenhalgh, Andrew Greenman, Tom Lodge, Richard Mortier, Rachel Jacobs, Matt Watkins, and Robin Shackford. 2010. Towards a Platform for Urban Games. In Proceedings of Digital Futures '10.



Photo credit: Active Ingredient

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