Mixed Reality Laboratory

Fairground Thrill Laboratory (2007)

Three classic British fairground rides - the Miami Trip, the Ghost Train and the Booster; along with an international team of artists, scientists, performers, technologists, psychologists and showmen; and a carnival of experimentation, food, drink, performance, film, music and discussion, form the Fairground Thrill Laboratory.

Visitors ride the rides hooked up to a telemetry system which includes a heart-rate monitor, accelerometer and video camera. Physiological data and facial expressions are captured and beamed live into the laboratory and onto the side of the museum building for audience analysis and delectation.

Fairground Thrill Laboratory

In collaboration with Brendan Walker (Aerial/Thrill Laboratory).


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Brendan Walker, Holger Schnädelbach, Stefan Rennick Egglestone, Angus Clark, Tuvi Orbach, Michael Wright, Kher Hui Ng, Andrew French, Tom Rodden, and Steve Benford. 2007. Augmenting amusement rides with telemetry. In Proceedings of the international conference on Advances in computer entertainment technology (ACE '07). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 115-122. https://doi.org/10.1145/1255047.1255070



Photo credit: Brendan Walker

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