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Love City (2007)

Love City is a mobile phone game in which players send messages of Love between Derby, Leicester and Nottingham to build a digital city in the palm of their hand. The innovative artwork raises heart rates and eyebrows across the East Midlands.

Three partner venues, Broadway in Nottingham, Phoenix in Leicester and QUAD in Derby are at the beating heart of Love City. For 28 days of romantic mobile phone antics, Love City made these venues blush and take to the cities’ streets. Promotional trailers for the game blur with rules of this virtual world as the game visits each city for a one night stand – Love City Live.

Love City

In collaboration with Active Ingredient.

Supported by Three Cities Create and Connect.


Chris Greenhalgh, Steve Benford, Adam Drozd, Martin Flintham, Alastair Hampshire, Leif Oppermann, Keir Smith, and Christoph Von Tycowicz. 2007. Addressing mobile phone diversity in ubicomp experience development. In International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 447-464.



Photo credit: Active Ingredient
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