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MobiMissions (2007)

MobiMissions is a game in which players use camera smart phones to create, complete and document real-world missions. The content and purpose of missions is left open-ended for players to define for themselves, each mission being defined by up to five photographs and/or five sections of text. A player creates a mission by using their phone to take a series of photographs and enter text instructions, and then drops the mission from their phone. The mission remains where it was dropped until it is found and picked up by another player (location being determined by the mobile phone’s cell ID).

Players can search their current location to find missions which they can then choose to pick up, at which point the mission is transferred to their phone (figure 6). As a player carries out a mission (potentially over several sessions of play) they document their progress by capturing up to five photographs and adding short text annotations. When they are happy with their response they submit it, which causes their response to be uploaded to the game server and the mission to be dropped from their phone. They also rate how good the mission was. 


In collaboration with Futurelab..


Lyndsay Grant, Hans Daanen, and Tim Rudd. 2007. Mobile, collaborative and location-based learning: a case study of the MobiMissions prototype.



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