National Biofilms Innovation Centre

National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC)

The University of Nottingham is a core partner of the National Biofilms Innovation Centre. Our other core partners are the University of Edinburgh, University of Liverpool, and the University of Southampton.

We are an Innovation Knowledge Centre (IKC) jointly funded by the  BBSRC, Innovate UK, and the Hartree Centre.  At NBIC we aim to connect  scientists specialising in Biofilms across the UK, and to provide a mechanism for industrial partners to explore their unmet needs with our researchers.



Acinetobacter, NBIC 2019 Networking Event group photo, Professor Miguel Cámara, Listeria on spinach leaf.

Our mission is to establish a network of research and innovation capacity catalysing collaboration with industry in the study of biofilms to achieve breakthrough innovation. To find out more information about the governance, opportunities, and Executive Management Team across the National Biofilms Innovation Centre, please visit our website.

Research Areas and Focuses

  1. Quorum sensing signalling (gene regulation/analytical chemistry/biosensors)
  2. Mechanisms of biofilm formation
  3. Anticrobial target discovery
  4. Drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, structural biology
  5. Biofilm models (synthetic surfaces, skin/wound)/polymicrobial/static flow
  6. Biofilm host cell interactions
  7. Advanced microscopy
  8. High throughput polymer discovery and surface chemical analysis
  9. In vivo infection animal imaging (catheter, lung, thigh infection/antimicrobial testing)
  10. Biofilms for remediation of pollutants and generation bioenergy

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National Biofilms Innovation Centre

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telephone: +44 (0)115 9515036