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We seek to facilitate high quality publications through both collaborative and individual research. Explore the latest publications from members of the Nottingham International Law and Security Centre.

NILSC member publications

  • Matthew Windsor, 'Counterstorytelling in International Economic Law' in Andrea Bianchi and Moshe Hirsch (eds), International Law's Invisible Frames: Social Cognition and Knowledge Production in International Legal Processes (Oxford University Press 2021)
  • Matthew Windsor, 'Expertise as Framing' in Emilia Korkea-Aho and Paivi Leino-Sandberg (eds), Law, Legal Expertise and EU Policy-Making (Cambridge University Press 2022)
  • International Law and Time: Narratives and Techniques (Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg et al. eds.) (Springer 2022), 471pp
  • “The Multifaceted Notion of Time in International Law” in International Law and Time: Narratives and Techniques (Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg et al. eds.) (Springer 2022), 1-24 (with Luca Pasquet) 
  • “International Law Across Time: On Change and Facticity of International Law” in International Law and Time: Narratives and Techniques (Klara Polackova Van der Ploeg et al. eds.) (Springer 2022), 313-33 
  • “The Functional Threshold: Direct International Legal Regulation of Collective Nonstate Entities and the Law of International Peace and Security” NYU Journal of International Law and Politics, Vol. 53, No. 1, 2020, 71-133
  • “Treaty Obligations of Collective Non-State Entities: The Case of the Deep Seabed Regime” in James Summers and Alex Gough (eds.), Non-State Actors and International Obligations: Creation, Evolution and Enforcement (Martinus Nijhoff 2018), 15-38

Collaborative NILSC outputs

  • Christy Shucksmith-Wesley and Scarlett McArdle, ‘Non-State Humanitarian Actors outside of the International Legal System: Can there be any Legal Consequences for Humanitarian Actors?’ (2021) 26 (3) Journal of Conflict and Security Law 525-550. 
  • Marko Milanovic and Michael N Schmitt, ‘Cyber Attacks and Cyber (Mis)information Operations during a Pandemic’ (2020) Journal of National Security Law and Policy (Forthcoming)
  • Marianthi Pappa, ‘International Energy Investments and Unrecognized States: Opportunities and Risks for Private Actors’ (2020) 30(1) Colorado Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Review 67-113
  • Marianthi Pappa, ‘Forcible Acts by States towards Non-State Actors Operating in Disputed Waters: Beyond the Limits of International Law?’ (2019) Legal Issues Journal
  • Marianthi Pappa and Hussein Badreddine, ‘The Lebanese-Israeli Dispute: A territorial or energy issue?’ 2019 (2) OGEL
  • Marianthi Pappa, ‘The Aegean Sea Dispute on the Edge of Escalating: Mapping the legal options between Greece and Turkey’ (9/9/2020) Volkerrechtsblog
  • Christy Shucksmith-Wesley, ‘The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement Response to Ebola 2014-2016’ in Mark Eccleston-Turner (ed) Infectious Diseases in the New Millennium: Legal and Ethical Challenges (Springer Nature, 2020)
  • Christy Shucksmith- Wesley, ‘Disaster Risk Reduction, the International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) and Emergency Health for Women in Nepal 2015: Reflections and recommendations to prevent future human rights abuses’ in The Cambridge Handbook of Disaster Risk Reduction and International Law (CUP 2019, editors Katja Samuel, Marie Aronsson-Storrier, and Kirsten Bookmiller)
  • Nigel D White, 2020. Jam Tomorrow?: Implications for United Nations Human Rights Liability of the United States Supreme Court's Judgment on Immunity Human Rights Law Review. 20, 189-204
  • Nigel D White, 2020. Understanding Nuclear Deterrence Within the International Constitutional Architecture. In: Jonathan Black-Branch and Dieter Fleck, eds., Nuclear Non-Proliferation in International Law: Legal Challenges for Nuclear Security and Deterrence V. Springer. 237-267
  • Nigel D White, 2019. Ending the US Embargo of Cuba: International Law in Dispute Journal of Latin American Studies. 51, 163-186
  • Nigel D White, 2019. Peacekeeping Doctrine: An Autonomous Legal Order? Nordic Journal of International Law. 88(1), 86-110
  • Nigel D White, 2019. The Legacy of the League of Nations: Continuity or Change? Revista Espanola de Derecho Internacional. 71, 277-283
  • Nigel D White, 2019. Peace-making in Syria: Why the Security Council Fails Nottingham Law Journal. 28, 55-68
  • Journal of Conflict and Security Law, currently in its 23rd year, is a peer-reviewed Journal published thrice yearly by Oxford University Press. Nigel White is the founding editor and currently co-editor. Dino Kritsiotis is a member of the editorial board. Richard McKenzie Gray-Scott and Edoardo Vacca from the NILSC PGR community currently provide editorial assistance.
  • Special Thematic Issue on ‘Business, Human Rights and Security’ of the Business and Human Rights Journal (BHRJ) published by Cambridge University Press (forthcoming, 2019). The special issue will be guest edited by Professor Mary Footer and Professor Nigel White.
  • Nigel D. White, Mary E. Footer, Kerry Senior, Mark van Dorp, Vincent Kiezebrink, Y. Wasi Gede Puraka and Ayudya Farji Anzas, “Blurring Public and Private Security in Indonesia: Corporate Interests and Human Rights in a Fragile World”, (2018) 65(2) Netherlands International Law Review 217-252. This article arose out of project funded by the Netherlands Scientific Organisation (NWO) involved a partnership between NILSC, SOMO (Netherlands) and Inkrispena (Indonesia).
  • Mary E Footer, Julia Schmidt, Nigel D White and Lydia Davies-Bright (eds), Security and International Law (Oxford, Hart, 2016). This publication arose from the ILA (British Branch Conference) held at Nottingham in April 2012.

NILSC International Humanitarian Law programme outputs 

  • Sivakumaran, S., (2012) The Ownership of International Humanitarian Law:  Non-State Armed Groups and the Formation and Enforcement of IHL Rules.  In: Perrin, B., ed., Modern Warfare: Armed Groups, Private Militaries, Humanitarian Organizations, and the Law (University of British Columbia Press, pp. 86-101).
  • Sivakumaran, S., (2012) The Law of Non-International Armed Conflict (Oxford University Press)
  • Milanovic, M., (2011) Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties:  Law, Principles, and Policy (Oxford University Press)
  • Kritsiotis, D., (2009) International Law and the Violence of Non-State Actors.  In: Kaikobad, K.H., and Bohlander, M., eds., International Law and Powers:  Perspectives on Legal Order and Justice: Essays in Honour of Colin Warbrick (Koninklijke Brill NV, pp. 343-386).

Other NILSC members are regular reviewers and contributors.

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