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European Journal of International Law (EJIL)

This blog is co-edited by NILSC Member, Dr Marko Milanovic, who is also a member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of International Law with which the blog is linked.

EJIL: Talk! provides lively, up to date, scholarly exchanges about the international law aspects of current affairs, news and events, etc.

Opinio Juris

This blog acts a discussion forum about international law and international relations. 

Founded and run from the US, Opinio Juris includes online symposia, book discussions, as well as guest bloggers from government, private practice, international organisations, and academia.

Arms Control Law

This is a new blog run by arms control legal expert covering subject-matter on arms control. 

Arms Control Law contains short, analytical pieces and commentary, hosts discussions among interested readers, and alerts others in the arms control law community to new scholarship, events of interest, etc.



  • Contemporary Challenges to the Laws of War
  • Advanced Introduction to International Conflict and Security Law
  • The Cuban Embargo Under International Law: El Bloqueo

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  • Journal of Conflict and Security Law
  • Security and International Law

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