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We are proud to showcase our research projects and initiatives, which are shaped by our collective, inter-disciplinary approach to research and underpinned by outside funding.

Our work includes taking a collaborative approach to research in international law and security in order to deepen understanding of the problems and enhance our impact. NILSC members are involved in exciting and innovative research projects, engaging with international organisations, humanitarian actors, civil society, and research networks. Our research pro-actively engages with current legal issues in international law and security.

Christy Shucksmith-Wesley
NILSC members are involved in exciting and innovative research projects, engaging with international organisations, humanitarian actors, civil society, and research networks. Our research pro-actively engages with current legal issues in international law and security.
Dr Christy Shucksmith-Wesley, NILSC Co-Director

NILSC research themes

Our research encompasses issues of human, political, military, socio-economic, resources and energy security.

These research areas raise a number of questions for international law, for example:

  • To what extent can international law address the types of natural and man-made security risks and challenges that threaten our livelihood, or very existence, in the 21st century?
  • Where does international law fall short in meeting the problems that arise in different situations of insecurity and how should such shortcomings be addressed?
  • To what extent can international law accommodate both human and state security?

Engagement and impact

The impact of our research is being expanded through our engagement with other hubs for international law. We are building a series of formal and informal links with research centres in other universities and institutions, including:

Featured programme: International Humanitarian Law

Our International Humanitarian Law Programme provides many opportunities for deepening scholarship as well as developing engagement with policy makers internationally on contemporary issues within the field of international humanitarian law.

Established in 2012, it provides an important platform for activities including an Annual Lecture on International Humanitarian Law, which is delivered by a senior figure in the field. The Programme also hosts an annual roundtable, specifically designed for our LLM students, which allows them to speak and share their views on a designated theme alongside a panel of expert speakers. Past themes have included the Kony2012 video, propaganda during the First World War, starvation and humanitarian assistance and the treatment of journalists in modern warfare.

Finally, the Programme offers coaching and contact with past peers to sponsor participation in the Concours Pictet, an international humanitarian law moot. It will also facilitate timely discussions on armed conflict characterisations (for example, Libya, Syria) and will offer to host a website of opinion papers by experts on whether hostilities have reached the point of international/non-international armed conflict.


People of the International Humanitarian Law Programme

Head of the Programme

Professor Dino Kritsiotis, Professor of Public International Law specialising in international law and the use of force, international humanitarian law and the history and theory of international law. He sits on the editorial boards for the Journal of Conflict and Security Law (Oxford University Press), the Human Rights Law Review (Oxford University Press), Human Rights and Human Welfare and the African Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law (Juta Publishing).

Esteemed members

Sandesh Sivakumaran is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Nottingham. He researches across a range of international law topics. He is the author of The Law of Non-International Armed Conflict (OUP, 2012), co-author of Oppenheim's International Law: United Nations (OUP, 2017) and Cases and Materials on International Law (Sweet and Maxwell, 8 ed, 2015), and co-editor of International Human Rights Law (OUP, 3 ed, 2017). He is a member of the Advisory Board of Geneva Call and a member of the Reading Committee for the International Committee of the Red Cross’ Commentaries on the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols.

Professor Marko Milanovic is a Professor in Law specialising in general international law, particularly issues of state responsibility and treaty interpretation; human rights law and the question of extraterritorial application of human rights treaties; international criminal law and international humanitarian law. He is the author of Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties: Law, Principles and Policy (Oxford University Press, 2011) and has published in many leading academic journals. He sits on the editorial board of the European Journal of International Law and is co-editor of its blog, EJIL: Talk!

Marko has also acted as counsel or adviser in cases before the International Court of Justice, the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of Serbia. He is also Secretary General and member of the Executive Board of the European Society of International Law and an Associate of the Belgrade Centre for Human Rights.


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