Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC)

We evaluate the engineering, environmental and sustainable aspects of elements of road, rail, coastal and airfield infrastructure.

We perform laboratory assessment of materials and technologies for existing and future transport infrastructures. We develop novel computational methods to facilitate improved design of coastal infrastructure defences. We are concerned with the sustainability and resilience of transportation infrastructure, sustainability of coastal defences, the management and maintenance of the existing infrastructure asset as well as envisioning future transport systems.



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June Webinar 2022

Public Policy Exchange will be hosting a webinar on Preventing Potholes and Upgrading Road Infrastructure: Developing Strategies to Improve the Safety of UK Roads on 30th June 2022, between 9:30 AM — 1:00 PM

Key Speakers

  • Professor Nick Thom, Researcher, Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre Research Group
  • Neil Greig, Policy and Research Director at IAM RoadSmart

Program :

  1. Assess the Government's Potholes Fund, identifying priorities and considering opportunities for further funding
  2. Discuss best practice in targeting the common causes of potholes and develop successful prevention strategies
  3. Raise awareness of the impact of potholes on road safety, both for drivers and cyclists
  4. Identify weaknesses in existing strategies for dealing with potholes
  5. Consider the impact of potholes on the UK economy and how a post-pandemic economic recovery presents an opportunity to improve the road network
  6. Examine the effect of utility company repairs on the roads
  7. Discuss the contestation on how to classify potholes and whether this presents challenges in repairing them
  8. Scrutinize the long-lasting effects of austerity on the current backlog of pothole repairs needed
  9.  Highlight the impact of potholes on local and residential roads, and consider local strategies to target this
  10.  Evaluate existing technology in this area, and discuss opportunities to utilize innovation to identify and repair potholes 


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