Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre
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We evaluate the engineering, environmental and sustainable aspects of elements of road, rail, dock and airfield infrastructure. 

We perform laboratory assessment of materials and technologies for the existing and future transport infrastructures. We are concerned with the sustainability and resilience of transportation infrastructure, the management and maintenance of the existing infrastructure asset as well as envisioning the future transport systems

We teach undergraduate and postgraduate students and provide training courses in these topics. We also house a commercial service for industry to help solve practical problems.


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Is our pothole problem getting worse? Potholes are a huge issue for motorists and the peak period for potholes is January and February, generally the coldest months of the year in the UK. Professor Nicholas Thom, from the Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre Research Group, was quoted by the national BBC News online and many regional media outlets on the perennial pothole problem. “The situation's definitely worse than it was a few years ago", he says. "There's no denying that fewer are being fixed, so it's more than likely the backlog of repairs is increasing."

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