Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre
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Our research in pavement engineering has expanded since its inception in 1954 to embrace all pavement materials, design, evaluation and management.

From beginnings in road asphalt, research now extends to:

  • Dock, airport and rail pavements
  • Innovative design of transportation infrastructure
  • Asset management and maintenance
  • Risk analysis and reduction in transportation systems
  • Sustainability and Climate change 
  • Smart infrastructures

Nottingham Transportation
Engineering Centre

NTEC is the UK's foremost university-based research organisation in pavement engineering, infrastructure asset management and their sustainability.

Key aims and expertise

The key aims of NTEC are to continue to undertake internationally leading research in the areas of pavement engineering and materials, infrastructure asset management and operational risk and reliability; to provide high quality academic supervision of PhD and MSc research students; and to offer specialised testing and consultancy services to industry. These aims are achieved through the recognised expertise of the academic members of NTEC and the excellent laboratory and research facilities present within NTEC.



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