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PhD Theses 

List of PhD theses by year
 YearNameTitle Type
2014 Mohammed, Shorsh Ali Toward an improved model for permanent deformation of SBS-modified Ashpalt Mixtures MSc
2013 Alan, Dunford Friction and the texture of aggregate particles used in the road surface course PhD
2013 Michael, Wright A study of the effects of adding ice retardant additives to pavement surface course materials PhD
2013 Wei, Cai Discrete element modelling of constant strain rate and creep tests on a graded asphalt mixture PhD
2013 Gaskin, Joshua On bitumen microstructure and the effects of crack healing PhD
2013 Buttress, Adam Physicochemical behaviour of artificial lime stabilised sulfate bearing cohesive soils PhD
2013 Chao, Yang Highway asset management PhD
2013 Heneash, Usama Effect of the repeated recycling on hot mix asphalt properties PhD
2013 Abdul Hassan, Norhidayah Microstructural characterisation of rubber modified asphalt mixtures PhD
2012 Keikhaei, Pejman Enhancing pavements for thermal applications PhD
2012 Erdem, Savas Impact load-induced micro structural damage of concrete with unconventional aggregates PhD
2012 Md. Yusoff, Nur Izzi Modelling the linear viscoelastic rheological properties of bituminous binders PhD
2012 Mohd Jakarni, Fauzan Adhesion of asphalt mixtures PhD
2012 Brown, James Corporate responsibility in the UK construction industry: A study of activities and reporting PhD
2011 Notman, Craig Durability testing of fine-grained stabilised soils MPhil
2011 Lu, Tao The influence of pavement stiffness on vehicle fuel consumption PhD
2011 Memon, Naeem Aziz Characterisation of conventional and chemically dispersed crumb rubber modified bitumen and mixtures PhD
2011 Ahmad, Naveed Asphalt mixture moisture sensitivity evaluation using surface energy parameters PhD
2011 Oke, Oluwaseyi 'Lanre Development of guidelines for the production of bitumen emulsion-stabilised RAPS for roads in the tropics PhD
2011 Ogundipe, Moses  Olumide Mechanical behaviour of stress absorbing membrane interlayers PhD
2010 Khan, Rawid Quantification of microstrutural damage in asphalt PhD
2010 Sutanto, Muslich Hartadi Assessment of bond between asphalt layers PhD
2010 Mukbaraki, Mohammad Predicting deterioration for the Saudi Arabia urban road network PhD
2010 Brito, Lelio  Design methods for low volume roads PhD
2009 Wu, Junwei  Discrete element testing of compression tests for an idealised asphalt mixture PhD
2009 Wu, Jiantao The influence of mineral aggregates and binder volumetrics on bitumen ageing PhD
2009 Shi, Xiaoyi Prediction of permanent deformation in railway track PhD
2009 Nguyen, Viet Hung Effects of laboratory mixing methods and RAP materials on performance of hot recycled asphalt mixtures PhD
2009 Jitareekul, Poranic An investigation into cold in-place recycling of asphalt pavements PhD
2009 Iwama, Masahiko Influence of specimen size and orientation on the mechanical properties of laboratory compacted asphalt specimens MPhil
2009 Boothroyd, Philip Groundwater contamination in the highway environment PhD
2008 Sunarjono, Sri The influence of foamed bitumen characteristics on cold-mix asphalt properties PhD
2008 Isola, Riccardo Packing of granular materials PhD
2007 Taylor, Richard Surface interactions between bitumen and mineral fillers and their effects on the rheology of bitumen-fillers mastics PhD
2007 Liao, Min-Chi Small and large strain rheological and fatigue characterisation of bitumen-filler mastics PhD
2007 Juspi, Sumyaty Experimental validation of the shakedown concept for pavement analysis and design PhD
2007 Ford, Mark A genetic algorithm based decision support system for the sustainable location of development allocations PhD
2006 Taherkhani, Hasan Experimental characterisation of the compressive permanent deformation behaviour in asphaltic mixtures PhD
2006 Kwan, Joe Geogrid reinforcement of railway ballast PhD
2005 Yusof, Mohd Abd Wahab Investigating the potential for incorporating tin slag in road pavements PhD
2005 Shiratori, Akira The use of secondary aggregates in bituminous mixtures MPhil
2005 Oliviera, Joel Grouted Macadam: material characterisation for pavement design PhD
2005 Lee, York Wei Discrete element modelling of idealised asphalt mixture PhD
2005 Vrhovski, Drazen Simulation modelling of satellite positioning for urban road user charging PhD
2005 Choi, Young Kyu Development of saturation ageing tensile stiffness (SATS) test PhD
2004 Taylor, Jackie V Migration of contaminants associated with pavement construction PhD
2004 Rahman, Mohammed Mujibur Characterisation of dry process crumb rubber modified asphalt mixtures PhD
2004 Osman, Sami Abdalla The role of bitumen/filler mortar in bituminous mixture fatigue PhD
2004 Hill, Annette Rosemary Leaching of alternative pavement materials PhD
2004 Arnold, Gregory Kenneth Rutting of granular pavements PhD
2003 Hau, Kah Wai Application of a three surface kinematic hardening model to the repeated loading of thinly surfaced pavements PhD
2002 Rahimzadeh, Behzad Linear and non-linear viscoelastic behaviour of binders and asphalts PhD
2002 Mundy, Michael J. Unbound pavement materials and analytical design PhD
2002 McCaul, Fiona A review of the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 MPhil
2002 Dunhill, Stuart Quasi-static characterisation of asphalt mixtures PhD
2001 Tsai, Bor-Wen High temperature fatigue and fatigue damage process of aggregate-asphalt mixes PhD
2001 Thompson, Ian Use of steel fibres to reinforce cement bound roadbase PhD
2001 Sanders, Paul Reinforced asphalt overlays for pavements PhD
2001  Gillett, Simon D. Accuracy in mechanistic pavement design consequent upon unbound material testing PhD
2000 Singleton, Toby M Characterisation of impact absorbing asphalt PhD
2000 Khanzada, Shahab Permanent deformation in bituminous mixtures PhD
2000 Hunter, Alistair E. Impact moles and directional drills: safe installation distances for existing services PhD
2000 Bennett, Richard A. Impact fragmentation of boulders confined in soil PhD
1999 Richardson, Ian R. The stress-strain behaviour of dry granular material subjected to repeated loading in a hollow cylinder apparatus PhD
1998 Ibrahim, Hamdy El-Sayed Mohamed Assessment and design of emulsion-aggregate mixtures for use in pavements PhD
1997 Shahid, Muhammad Aslam Improved cement bound base design for flexible composite pavements PhD
1997 Nunes, Manuel Clemente Mendonca Enabling the use of alternative materials in road construction PhD
1997 Brown, Christopher James The performance of road ironwork installations PhD
1997 Airey, Gordon Dan Rheological characteristics of polymer modified and aged bitumens PhD
1996 Rowe, Geoffrey Michael Application of the dissipated energy concept to fatigue cracking in asphalt pavements PhD
1996 Reddy, E. Sai Baba An investigation into the response of piles sand under vertical cyclic tensile loads PhD
1996 Read, John Maddison Fatigue cracking of bituminous paving mixtures PhD
1996 Needham, David Developments in bitumen emulsion mixtures for roads PhD
1996 Gibb, John Michael Evaluation of resistance to permanent deformation in the design of bituminous paving mixtures PhD
1995 Scholz, Todd V. Durability of bituminous paving mixtures PhD
1994 Plaistow, Lois Catherine Non-linear behaviour of some pavement unbound aggregates MPhil
1994 Dalrymple, Neil An investigation into various aspects of the modification of bitumen PhD
1994 Cheung, Lam Wah Laboratory assessment of pavement foundation materials PhD
1993 Karasahin, Mustafa Resilient behaviour of granular materials for analysis of highway pavements PhD
1993 Baba, Hafeez Ullah Factors influencing frost heaving of soils PhD
1993 Almeida, Joao Carlos Gomes Rocha de Analytical techniques for the structural evaluation of pavements PhD
1992 Little, Peter H. The design of unsurfaced roads using geosynthetics PhD
1992 Goulden, Eric Slate waste aggregate for unbound pavement layers MSc
1991 Preston, John N. The design of bituminous concrete mixes PhD
1991 Raybould, Matthew James The response of silt-clay mixtures to cyclic loading PhD
1990 Sham, Kwok-Ching Endurance testing of bridge deck expansion joints PhD
1990 Elliott, Richard C. Advances in mix design for bituminous bases MPhil
1990 Chan, Francis Wai Kun Permanent deformation resistance of granular layers in pavements PhD
1990 Caltabiano, Michael Andrew Reflection cracking in asphalt overlays MPhil
1990 Abbott, Helen Amanda Permeability and suction characteristics of compacted unbound aggregates PhD
1989 Lee, Robin G. Grid reinforced soil-foundations PhD
1988 Thom, Nicholas H. Design of road foundations PhD
1987 Tam, Wing Sang Pavement evaluation and overlay design PhD
1987 Loach, Simon C. Repeated loading of fine grained soils for pavement design PhD
1986 Hughes, David Arthur Bracken Polymer grid reinforcement of asphalt pavements PhD
1985 Rogers, Christopher David Foss The response of buried uPVC pipes to surface loading PhD
1985 O'Reilly, Michael P. Mechanical properties for granular materials for use in thermal energy stores PhD
1984 Marchina, Philipe The influence of specimen preparation on the response of rocks and aggregates to freezing  
1983 Lomas, Kevin John Frost susceptibility of granular materials  
1983 Brunton, Janet M. Developments in the analytical design of asphalt pavements using computers PhD
1982 Overy, Robert Francis The behaviour of anisotropically consolidated silty clay under cyclic loading PhD
1982 Brown, Stephen F. [Publications submitted for the degree of D.Sc.] DSc
1981 Thompson, Jeremy David Subgrade effects on the frost heave of roads  
1980 Shaw, Philip Stress-strain relationship for granular materials under repeated loading PhD
1979 Stock, Anthony F. Flexible pavement design PhD
1979 Pappin, John William Characteristics of a granular material for pavement analysis PhD
1979 Boundy, Richard Development of a resin/cement grouted coated macadam surfacing material  
1979 Austin, Graham The behaviour of Keuper Marl under undrained creep and repeated loading PhD
1978 Hughes, Rodney Frost heave testing of unbound road materials PhD
1978 Buist, David Stuart The suitability criteria for fills  
1978 Bell, Christopher A. The prediction of permanent deformation in flexible pavements PhD
1977 Brodrick, Barry V. The development and performance of a wheel loading facility and in situ instruments for pavement experiments MPhil
1977 Ansell, Peter Cyclic simple shear testing of granular material PhD
1976 Round, David John The solution of load/deformation behaviour of a discrete particle material by digital computer  
1976 Hurt, Kenneth George The prediction of the frost susceptibility of limestone aggregates with reference to road construction  
1976 Cooper, Keith Edmond The effect of mix and testing variables on the fatigue strength of bituminous mixes MPhil
1976 Boyce, John Rodney The behaviour of granular material under repeated loading PhD
1975 Furtado, J.J. Design of continuous reinforced concrete slabs for railway track  
1974 Hyde, Adrian F.L. Repeated load triaxial testing of soils PhD
1974 Cullington, D.W. The behaviour of mass concrete under triaxial stresses and pore pressures  
1973 Wayte, G.E. Stress and deformation analyses of the indentation of soils  
1973 Snaith, Martin S. Deformation characteristics of dense bitumen macadam subjected to dynamic loading PhD
1973 Littlechild, Brian Derek Some aspects of the behaviour of a cohesionless material under repeated loading  
1972 Parr, George Bernard Some aspects of the behaviour of London clay under repeated loading  
1972 McElvaney, James Fatigue of a bituminous mixture under compound-loading  
1971 Taylor, Kenneth Lewis Finite element analysis of layered road pavements PhD
1971 Lashine, A.K.F. Some aspects of the behaviour of Keuper Marl under repeated loading  
1971 Hanson, John Murray The behaviour of roadbase materials under repeated loading  
1970 Nicholls, Roy Alan Frost heave of limestones  
1970 Cragg, Roger The dynamic stiffness of bituminous road materials  
1970 Cooper, Stephen W. Some shear characteristics of Keuper Marl  
1969 Thorogood, R.P. The steering of wheeled vehicles moving over soft ground  
1969 Bush, David I. Behaviour of flexible pavements subjected to dynamic loads PhD
1968 Taylor, I.F. Asphaltic road materials in fatigue  
1968 Grant, William Donald The engineering properties of some typical aggregates with special reference to frost heave  
1967 Truswell, Robert The deformation characteristics of Keuper Marl under repeated loading  
1967 Brown, Stephen F. Stresses and deformations in flexible layered pavement systems subjected to dynamic loads PhD
1966  Cullen, R.M. Forces on a rigid wheel moving in an artificial clay  
1965 Beaty, Anthony N.S. Pore pressure characteristics of Keuper marl under repeated loading  
1964 Tony, A.C. Stress and deformation in a semi-infinite soil mass subjected to dynamic loading  
1963 Mayfield, Brian The performance of a rigid wheel moving in a circular path through clay PhD
1961 Gardner, Robert R. The fatigue behaviour of bitumen-sand mixes  
1960 McCarthy, Patrick F. Factors affecting the fatigue characteristics of bitumen-sand mixes  
1959 Pell, Peter S. Fatigue characteristics of bitumen-sand mixes PhD
1953 Sparrow, Robert Watson The fundamental action of earth pressure cells PhD


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