Nottingham Transportation Engineering Centre (NTEC)


Research Summary

A numerical and experimental study of High‐Speed Rail Infrastructure

As train speed increases, dynamic responses of railway track and ground along the railway line become more substantial. For a high‐speed train running on soft soil, resonance may occur, and consequently, the dynamic responses of the track and ground are dramatically amplified. At the critical speed, train moving loads induce strong vibration in the track structure, increase the risk of train derailment and track structure damage.

Slab tracks is still investigating as an unproblematic system for high‐speed rail traffic. Slab track railways have dynamic performances that are quite different from those of traditional ballasted railways, in terms of transient responses and permanent deformation. The critical speed will also be affected by the slab track structure. This research will investigate the critical speed of slab track with using numerical modelling and an extensive scale of physical demonstration to simulate the effect of various loads in the research facility.


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