Electrical Motor Drives and Systems

PEMC Academics have expertise in the field of electric motor drives and systems, researching and working on projects that cover the areas of:


Next generation generator
Next-Generation Generator

Technology Demonstrators

  • ultra-light weight electrical propulsion machines
  • next-generation generators
  • accelerated lifetime reliability facilities
  • actuator Development
  • high power density power electronics
  • engine electrification development 

PEMC also conducts research into Aircraft Power Systems:

Virtual Laboratory for Aircraft Electrical Power Systems

  • SABER/Matlab/Modelica

Fast simulation of total power system – generator to load

  • Impacts of load transients on system and power quality specifications
  • Power quality; weight optimization
  • System stability and impact of regeneration, load impact 
  • Impact of faults; propagation; bus re-figuration; load dispatching


PEMC Academics working on Electrical Motor Drives and Systems


Prof. Serhiy Bozhko

Specialises in - 

  • Aircraft Power Systems
  • Power Generation
  • Energy Management
  • Simulation
Dr. Tao Yang

Specialises in - 

  • Aircraft Electrical Systems 
  • Power electronic conversion technologies
  • High-speed electrical drive control
Prof. Chris Gerada

Specialises in - 

  • Electrical Machines
  • Aerospace Facilities
Prof. Mark Sumner

Specialises in - 

  • Smart Grids
  • Energy Management and Stability
  • Fault Location Technologies
Dr Tianjie Zou
Dr. Tianjie Zou

Specialises in - 

  • Electrical Machines


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